Kale and Kindred: Cool Kids Clothes Re-Crafted From old Clothes

19 Nov


I love how people are coming up with cool new ideas for recycling different things. Even clothes.



There is Kallio, a New York-based brand ran by talented Karina Kallio who takes old men’s shirts and re-crafts them into effortlessly cool one-of-a-kind kids pieces.

She came up with this genius idea after seeing first-hand how much waste we’re creating with old clothes. Each of her designs is handcrafted in her small Brooklyn Studio with high quality materials.

Thanks to Kickstarter supporters they’ve recently managed to raise enough funds to open up their very first Kallio workshop studio in Brooklyn soon.


Then there is Kindred, founded by Simone and Heike and also based in New York. Their unique ready-made outfits for kids are made from repurposed, vintage and organic fabrics but they also make custom pieces out of your family’s own treasured garments or cloths. How cool is that?
Kindred Sketches

You simply choose you favorite design from their lovely sketches, send them the fabric and within four weeks you’ll receive your new custom-made family heirloom. I’d love to have the balloon Romper made from one of my husbands shirts. And the Pretty Smock for Tila

Le Petit Germain

13 Nov

Le Petit Germain
Here they are, the knits again. I came across an Instagram account under the name OhConfetti from Delphine, a French mama posting the most adorable photos of her baby boy Léon. You have to see it – she has the most amazing taste I’ve seen in a long time and you’ll want to have everything you see on little Léon!

One of the many things that ended up in my bookmarks thanks to Delphine is this French brand Le Petit Germain. Do you know it already? I could swear I heard about it before but I’m not sure where.

Le Petit Germain

Anyhow, they have the most amahzing range of knits and 100% cotton clothes for babies and kids between 0 and 10 years. Their knits are made of 10% cashmere and soft wool mix. And their colors are just perfect for this time of year – I love these muted, earthy tones that go so well with everything.

The site is only in French for now but they send Worldwide

Nutritious Chocolate Milk Recipe

12 Nov

Healthy Chocolate Milk

Tila would drink gallons of chocolate milk if I’d let her but what kid doesn’t love this delicious chocolate drink? I’ve never been a fan of instant cocoa powder because it’s full of sugar and there’s nothing really nutritious in it so the healthy-food freak in me came up with a healthy alternative that she can have as much as she can. Without sugar, full of fibers (thanks to dates) and protein and it’s just so so creamy and delicious! Tila absolutely adores it and so do the rest of us!

Here’s what you need:

1-2 tbs of 100% cocoa powder
2 Madjool Dates (pitted)
2-3 dl warm plant milk (I use oat)
1 tsp hemp protein (optional)
Tiny pinch of salt

Mix the ingredients above in a blender, taste and add a date or two if it’s not sweet enough for you and/or cocoa if you want a stronger taste.

Voilà! Enjoy every single drop of it – guilt free!

WOW! Collégien Tights and Socks

10 Nov


We’re huge fans of Collégien at our house; we all own at least a pair except for the papa – sadly his feet are far too huge for them. But Tila is their devoted customer ever since her very first pair (about 3.5 years ago). Even we buy slippers from another brand we always have to have at least a pair of Collégiens as well. Have you seen their latest designs of slipper socks? Oh-my-dear! I have to stop visiting their site so often…

Collégien Sock Slippers

Collégien Sock Slippers

A few years ago they have also added a range of tights and socks. I’m not even going to start on their delicious colors that go so well with any kind of clothes but the material and the design are just out of this world.

Collégien Tights

Collégien Tights

Collégien Tights

Their ribbed tights are made of long-fiber Egyptian cotton and a tiny bit of Lycra, which makes them super soft and incredible comfy. And the features I love the most are the elasticated waist that makes the tights actually stay up even during the active play, which we tested, and the comfortable toes seams. Does only my girl complain over them? We had to get rid of almost all of the high street brand tights but these don’t bother her at all! She didn’t even have to fix it or anything (which she usually does). These must be the best tights on the market. Even papa was impressed – with the tights! And you can just imagine how much he gives a damn about girl tights usually.

Collégien Knee Socks

I also love the socks. The material is the same as the tights and these are the second pair baby T can’t take off (so easily). They hold on really well and don’t stretch out at all during the day!

WaterWipes: Baby Wipes as Pure as Water!

6 Nov


I’m super picky when it comes to baby wipes. They can’t have any strange chemicals, oils or god forbid artificial fragrances. We changed quite a few already since they were either too small, too big, too foamy or just not moist enough (I hate it when I have to use a half of bag in order to wipe off that stinky poop!). And then when I thought I finally found the perfect ones an angel from above (or an Instagram “friend”) told me about the WaterWipes.
These wipes are just what their name says – cotton wipes plus (boiled) water. Nothing more. Well, 0.1% of grapefruit seed extract. I was a little skeptical and have actually licked one just to make sure and they really don’t have any kind of taste, none!
And guess what else? They are also quite thick, super soft and just the perfect size and moist enough to actually do their job properly.
And thanks to their gentle composition WaterWipes are suitable from birth and even for cleaning baby’s face. They promise not to irritate skin so they’re perfect for babies prone to eczema and/or nappy rash.
If you’re from UK or Ireland here are the retailers near you, other countries check on Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR).

Ps. There are also WaterWipes make-up removing facial wipes that contain again water and grapefruit seed extract plus some Dead Sea minerals, that’s all! I need to try them out soon!

Don Fisher Fish Bags

5 Nov

Don Fisher

How utterly cute are these fish bags? I have not seen anything so original and adorable in a very long time. Even the interior features the most genius print of a fish skeleton so when you open them up they look just like the real fish. How cool?

Don Fisher

They come in three different sizes and there are endless possibilities of use but you can find some very smart ideas on their Facebook page. The little ones come in handy as coin or key purses (you can even choose if you’d like to have a keychain inside or not), the medium ones act perfectly as pencil cases and the biggest one can be used as clutch or cosmetic bags for instance.

Bags are handmade in Barcelona, Spain and can be ordered from their web store or via Etsy

The Ultimate Cleaning Tool: Magic Eraser!

4 Nov

Magic Eraser

Did you ever hear about a magic eraser? I learn about it a couple of weeks ago and now it feels like I’ve missed out on so much. My life is definitely a lot shinier with this little white block of foam in my life now…

If you do know about it please don’t tell me because I will not be happy about you keeping it to yourself but for those of you that don’t: it’s a melamine foam that has actually first been used as an insulation in pipes and it’s also the same foam that’s used in studios as a soundproofing material.

After about two decades of it’s primary use people somehow discovered that it also does wonders on so many hard-to-clean surfaces without having to use any kind of cleaning products, only water and a very gentle scrub! The secret is in it’s fine structure that works like a very fine sandpaper, getting into the tiniest grooves and pits so even textured surfaces are not a problem for this little magic wonder!

There are endless cleaning possibilities for both inside and outside and it can be used on so many different surfaces like countertops, tabletops, floors, doors, even walls and it cleans stuff like soap scum in baths, splatter stains in the oven, sneakers and even clothes and carpets! But it should not be used on surfaces that can be easily scratched. I tried to remove an adhesive residue from a price sticker off a new plastic measuring cup and ended up scratching some of the text off. You can read a few more tips on where it can be used here.

It’s only downside is that they don’t last very long. They soon start to flake and they fall apart after only few uses. But they are really unexpensive and so so indispensable once you try it!

You can thank me later!

There are many different brands of Magic Eraser (I bought the one from Blink! and it’s called Wunderschwamm here in Germany) and you can get them in just about every bigger drugstore and even in giant batches on Amazon (UK DE US)

(Image above found here)

Cute Indoor Ballerinas from Pèpè at I Adore Little Feet

31 Oct


I wrote about this adorable online shoe boutique called I Adore Little Feet here already but there is something you need to see, especially if you have a little girl at home. How crazy cute are these Indoor Ballerinas from Pèpè they just added to their already gorgeous range? I’m so sad to see they only have them in sizes up to EU 30, Tila would die for a pair but she’s already a size 32 – soon we’ll be able to share shoes!
What I love about Pèpè shoes (besides being one of the most quality shoes on the market) is that they are wider than most of kids shoes. I often have problems finding the right shoes for my girl just because they are too narrow, especially the Mary Janes she loves so much. I think I want Talan to have a pair of Pèpè’s for his first shoes.

Teifoc Bulding Sets

30 Oct


The simplest toys are always the best ones. How amazing are these realistic building sets from a German brand Teifoc? They have everything little budding constructors need in order to build their own buildings the way real masons do it; bricks, cement and a trowel. The bricks look and feel exactly like the real ones and the cement mix has to be mixed with water and applied with a miniature trowel. Sets come with the instructions but they don’t need to be followed – the imagination can be simply let loose!




Materials are 100% natural and safe (bricks are made of clay and the cement is a mix of sand and corn extract) and thanks to soluble cement the buildings can be simply soaked for a few hours and bricks can be re-used. The bricks and cement are also available to purchase separately.

Available from Amazon DE, UK and US

Tootsa MacGinty Cushions

28 Oct

Tootsa MacGinty Tapestry Cushions

I have always loved the super cute animal Knit Jumpers and Tops from Tootsa MacGinty and now they have also added the most darling line cushions I’ve seen! The Tapestry cushions are a product of collaboration with Valvy Lévy-Debussy, a talented textile designer from France where each cushion is also handcrafted by order so it takes a few days to dispatch. Each costs £90 (ca. €115)

Cashmere Cushions Tootsa Macginty

Then there is also a limited Christmas edition of gorgeous cashmere and wool blend cushions that come with high quality duck feather inserts. Each costs £45 (ca. €57)

Ps. How cute are the Panda and Bear baseball T-shirts? I need them for Talan!

DIY: Cardboard London Bus Piggy Bank

24 Oct

Cardboard Piggy Bank London Bus1

Have you seen my tiny contribution on Babyccinokids Blog already? This is one of my favorite crafts. It’s so easy to do, finished in under an hour and the outcome in super cool! You can see step-by-step photos and read the instructions here.

And do you know Babyccino’s second ShopUp live shopping event is taking place soon? It’s happening on December 3rd and 4th in Chelsea Hall Town Hall, the Kings Road in London. There are going to be over 30 amazing participants fully loaded and ready to help you to cross those things off your Christmas list. And don’t worry about the kids getting fussy – there are going to be many fun stuff for them to do there as well!

I really want to come this year, I hope I can’t make it. Are you going?

PipSticks: The Sticker Company

23 Oct


How are you handling this awful, awful weather? Just yesterday (ok, three days ago to be accurate) we had 23 degrees Celsius and now we’re down to 5! Yes 5! Is it just as bad as here wherever you are?
And of course the quick temperature variations took a toll on our smallest one’s health. Baby Talan is down with his very first cold. And to make the days more “fun” my husband had to go away for work. Now I have a sniffling and cranky baby in one hand and a little girl that need to be amused through out the day (or bad things start happening). Alone.

That’s why I was so happy and grateful when this sweet mail full of entertainment from the sweetest mom of (almost) four kids Maureen came for Tila – it was just what she (I) needed! If there is anything that EVERY kid loves and keeps them entertained for hours it’s stickers! I know Tila loves them ever since she could peel them off with those tiny chubby fingers and stick them on just about every surface she could find.

Did you also collect them when you were a kid? Didn’t we all? There were even sticker clubs where kids have sent each other different stickers. I don’t remember being a part of any but that would have been fun.

Anyway, Maureen came up with this genius idea of starting a Sticker Subscription Company for kids and named it Pipsticks. By subscribing you are guaranteed to receive a super cute envelope full of sticker of all kinds (the sparkly ones, the goofy ones, the puffy ones and even the sniffy ones) along with some crafty additions every single month. No exceptions.

We used more than a half of stickers the very first day (and there were over 15 sheets of them) by sticking them on colorful paper sheets that came along and she gave her masterpieces to three of her best friends in her kindergarten. Oh you should see the joy! There was hugging, there was kissing and there were screams of happiness. Just because they received a few stickers – already attached! It makes you think how little our kids really need and want huh? And how long can a post on stickers get… How did this happen?

But I’ll stop the torture here and now: you can subscribe for one moth, six months and there’s even an option to try it our first – a Taster Pack so you can see what the excitement is all about for yourself. Shipping within US is free and $3 (about €2.50) for the rest of the world

And if you decide to go for the either 6 or 12 Month Subscription Maureen will treat you with one free month! Just use a code JUNGLE10 at checkout.

The New Collection from Piupia: As Cute as Can be!

21 Oct

Piupia Talan2

Piupia Talan

Have you seen Piupia’s the latest collection? I’ve been their fan since their first one but their current pieces are just ridiculous! Ridiculously cute I mean. Talan received this super darling Rain Jumper and the matching Rain Hat and I would make him wear them all the time if I could or if he wouldn’t be drooling all over his clothes like a… well… a baby! But he needs more. Ok, I do. For him.

Piupia AW14

Something like their Furry Leggings (in ALL four colors). And they also have the most adorable Animal Bodysuits to match those cute Leggings. Now, I just realized my poor baby boy doesn’t own a Layered Onesie and the temperatures are dropping all the way down to 8°C this week (!) so he needs something as cute warm as this, right?

Piupia Bear Dress

Do you have a baby girl? Try to look away from these two Bear Dresses! They almost make me want to dress Talan up in one. Would that make me a bad mother? If I made sure he’d never find out I did it?

If you don’t know about Piupia already you should know that all their garments are made from 100% organic cotton and produced under high quality standards and with locally produced materials to ensure only the best and the most gentle for your baby’s delicate skin. The brand is based in London and all the cute graphics are made by Claudia Carvalho, the owner of Piupia

Big Picture Press

20 Oct


Remember the cool book called Maps from the Big Picture Press? I have just checked their site and they have some amazing new additions in their range I didn’t know about.



One of their latest books which is also our favourite one is Animalium, a book with over 160 amazing illustrations along with some important facts on different animal specimens. This virtual museum is a perfect tool for kids to learn on different animal groups and their evolution and simply having fun while doing so!

Planes, Trains & Automibiles1

Planes, Trains & Automibiles2

The second book I also really like is called Planes, Trains & Automobiles and it’s about the history and the evolution of transport with over 100 beautiful vintage illustrations. The book is in a fold-out format and measures more than 2m in length.

Maps Activity Book

Maps Activity Book3

Maps Activity Book

Then there’s also a companion to the Maps, an Activity Book now! And it’s full of fascinating facts and activities aiming to encourage kids to discover and learn about different continents, countries and their cultures.

Ring-Rings ID Wristbands Just in Case…

16 Oct


If you’ve never been a fan of rubber wristbands (like me) get ready to become one (just like I did)!

Tila is one of those kids that can’t stay still for a long time and wants to see and check up close every single thing! I always have one eye set on her wherever we go but even that sometimes just isn’t enough. Last week she and her two “schoolmates” (boys!) decided to take a little tour on their own in the woods. They spent their day there and when they wanted head back to school one of the teachers ordered them to grab their backpacks but they decided to prolong the trip on their own! Of course the teachers found them right away but it could have ended differently. I didn’t know weather to be angry, sad or just scared when they told me what has happened. I think I was a little bit of everything.

Kids get lost every day and many of them don’t even know how to pronounce their last name much less their home address or their parents phone numbers. Tila sure doesn’t and that’s where her Ring-Rings ID wristbands with our telephone number engraved come in handy. I have ordered two (one with my and one with my husbands number on it) and each in different colors. She has them on every time we leave the house just in case… I hope she’ll never need to use them though.

Ring-Rings come in several different bright but kid-friendly colors and in two different sizes (smaller one for toddlers and small kids and one for kids between 4 and 9 years). You can get a name of the child or who to call (or just something like “call”, “mama”, “papa” etc. engraved along with the telephone number