Tough Cookie: Beautiful Handmade Shoes and Baby Accessories

17 Dec

Tough Cookie

I can’t believe how many gems you can discover over the Instagram. Just yesterday I came across this Etsy boutique called Tough Cookie from Netherlands founded only two months ago by Yvonne. She and her boyfriend Daniel make the most darling baby goodies my eyes have seen in a long, long time.

They started out with a couple of pairs of leather moccs for her baby daughter Noëlle and they loved the work so much they decided to open up a boutique, which is now full of things like Crochet Hats, Leather Shoes and the cutest Leather Headpieces (I mean how cool is this leather feather headband?) all made by their own hands! How amazing?

Wooden Pullback Cars!

11 Dec

Tiger Tribe Pull Back Cars

I remember when I was a kid I loved pullback cars even though I was pretty girly toys wise. Those were the best, weren’t they? Such a simple toy but I could play with it for hours!

But back then they definitely didn’t look as chic as these do! These Wooden Pullback Cars from Tiger Tribe in Australia so I think they are currently only available in Australia, at least I couldn’t find any in Europe.
But UrbanBaby, an online boutique from Australia ships to Europe

Kukkia Pullback Cars

Then there are these equally beautiful Pull Back Cars from a Japanese brand Kiko+ by Kukkia that has the most amazing wooden toys I’ve ever seen! Most of their range is available from Abacus Kids

Sarah & Bendrix Delights

9 Dec

Sarah and Bendrix Xylophone Dog

Have you seen our Christmas Gift Guides? I truly love every single item from all three but there are a few new brands among them that I really want to present in separate posts.

Sarah and Bendrix

Like Sarah & Bendrix, a small design studio from United Kingdom founded by Veronika. They have the most amazing range of different delights I’ve seen in a while. My favorite is of course kid’s range, I immediately fell in love with their wooden toys – I want to get the Xylophone Pull Dog for Talan’s first Birthday. It’s something he can keep forever and I’m even thinking about getting it engraved.

Sarah and Bendrix

But I have my eyes also set on a few of their prints and their delicious Jewellery range – I mean how gorgeous is their porcelain necklace, the earrings and those sweet Bridesmaid bracelets?

And their prices are quite affordable in my opinion. This Gift Box full of beautiful toys made from sustainable birch wood costs £50 (about €76), which really isn’t bad at all, don’t you agree? And there is also a more humble one for £25 (about €30). Wouldn’t they make a perfect Christmas gift? ;)

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies!

5 Dec

Christmas List Babies

And here it is – the last but certainly not the least of our Christmas Gift Guides. It’s Babies turn now:

1. Blanket, Hat and Baby Grow Gift Set from Panda and the Sparrow
2. Wooden Rattle from Hase Weiss
3. Nuts and Bolts from RasselFisch
4. Wooden Plates from Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks and Abacus Kids
5. Stacking Bear from Etsy boutique WoodlandToy
6. Wooden Pull Dog with Xylophone from Sarah & Bendrix

Christmas Gift Guide: Boys!

4 Dec

Christmas Gift Guide Boys

Boys are up today and here are some of our favorites.

1. Book Animals illustrated by Camilla de la Bedoyere from EenyMeenyKids
2. Airplane Building Kit from ShakShuka
3. Meadow Kids Bath Stickers from Amazon
4. Fanny & Alexander Wooden Camera from ShakShuka
5. Fun Lonji Tattoos from Londji
6. Big Boys Tool Belt from Hase Weiss

Christmas Gift Guide: Girls!

3 Dec

Christmas List Girls

Here they are finally, Christmas Gift Guides! Can you believe it’s that time of the year already? Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday it was summer?
And my heart literally starts making sounds when I think about my baby boy turning 11 months in three days! And then in one month… I can’t even handle the thought.

To change the subject or more accurately, stick to the original one; here it is – the first Gift Guide and girls go first, right?

Hope you like it, I love every single item so much that I can’t even decide on my favorite one.

1. Petit Chose Doll from Carrousel Kids
2. Fanny & Alexander Needlepoint Kit from ShakShuka
3. Nobodinoz Bowling Set from Noeuf
4. Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mould Set from Amazon
5. Meadow Kids Bath Sticker Set from Amazon

Handcrafted Kids Footwear from Chapter 2

1 Dec

Chapter 2_1

If there is anything I love to shop for (besides toys) it’s bags and shoes and I don’t mind spending a few dimes more on those two. I always felt good shoes are the most important part of the wardrobe for both kids and adults.

Chapter 2_2

I found out about Chapter 2 via Bayccino Kids and it was love at first sight. It’s a completely new shoe brand for kids, established by a husband and wife duo and this is their very first collection. Fay is the designer and her husband Tom is the one that hand makes all the shoes in their very own in-house workshop in London! Isn’t that just the coolest thing you’ve heard? I wish my husband an I had such talents.

Since all of their shoes are handcrafted, their stock is very (very!) limited – all models come in one per size and when they’re gone, they are GONE!


Tila has been asking me to buy her matching boots for such a long time now and the Balmoral look a lot like mine (just like about one hundred times cooler) but I have been thinking about getting them for her a few moments too long and now her size is gone! Gone (sob!)! Lesson learned!

An Ode to the Best SnotSucker on the Market: NoseFrida!

28 Nov


We’ve all switched rounds being sick in the last month. Even I succumbed and I (almost) never get sick. And it was baby Talan’s very first cold – something I really wasn’t looking forward to. The trickiest and one of the most difficult parts for me is keeping the nose clear. I think I must have had the worst snot-sucking thingies (I think they’re called aspirators) in the world because even when I almost sucked the soul out of my kids, the snot stayed. I did manage to get some out, but definitely nothing that was worth all the kicking, screaming and the crying that came with.

I think I changed more than five already but I decided to give it one more try and bought the one with the best reviews on Amazon. It’s called NoseFrida and it’s made in Sweden. And guess what? It works! Yes, it actually really does its job and with half less drama. I think the tip (the part that goes in the nose) must be just the right size and form so it makes some sort of a vacuum when you start the “process”. And the plastic the aspirator is made of is much softer than the rest so it doesn’t harm their super sensitive nose tissue (Tila’s nose bled almost every time after I tried to clean her nose when she was a baby :( – I wish I had this snot sucker back then already!).

I truly can’t praise this thing enough it’s definitely one of the top must-have’s for babies and small kids, especially for this time of the year. You can buy it from Amazon (COM, UK, DE, FR) or

Is there something you swear by? A natural remedy that helps you and your family getting through colds?

Black Friday SALE at Elias and Grace!

28 Nov

Elias & Grace BFS

Do you know Elias&Grace (only one of the best online boutiques) already? If not, now is the perfect time to meet them. They decided to celebrate the Black Friday SALE with a 30% off on all of their AW14 season range and with a whooping (up to) 70% off on all reduced past season products!

They stock the most amazing kids brands like Bonton, Album di Famiglia, April Showers, Fub, Imps&Elfs, Soft Gallery, Bonpoint Emile et Ida, Pépé, Pom d’Api…  do I need to go on? Oh and one of my favorites – their very own Miller!

Sale only lasts only until the end of today so chop chop!

Charlie Crane Baby Rockers

26 Nov

Charlie Crane Rocker

We’re way past rocking times – baby T turned on his tummy a few days before turning 4 month old so we didn’t use ours for a very long time. But it was much appreciated for those 4 months.

Charlie Crane Rocker

Recently I came across this beautiful Charlie Crane rocker and it almost made me want to have another baby (so if number 3 actually ever happens I’m blaming it on this rocker!). But besides its super sleek design doesn’t it look super comfortable? And how darling are their fabric patterns?
I wish they were making them in adult size. Wouldn’t that be cool? And I would never turn around, no need to worry about that. I could forever stay on my back in that rocker!

Charlie Crane Rocker

All Charlie Crane Rockers are made from beech wood and finished with removable and machine washable cotton cushions

Available from Alex & Alexa and a few other online boutiques

Ellie Fun Day: Blankets That are so Much More

25 Nov

Ellie Fun Day

I don’t know what took me so long to write this post but I have Ellie Fun Day in my bookmarks for ages (well moths but still far too long). They design the most beautiful baby blankets made by marginalized women in India in order to help them become self-sustaining.

Ellie Fun Day

Ellie Fun Day

The blankets are made from the softest organic muslin cotton and hand-embroidered to perfection by hand by the same women.
The Ellie Fun Day is named by the founders own baby blanket that gave her the sense of warmth and security when she needed them the most. And she wants to share that same cozy feeling with her heirloom blankets.

Ellie Fun Day

Ellie Fun Day

They have eight different motives to choose from (what’s your favorite?) and they have also recently added the most gorgeous swaddle wraps that can be easily used as scarf and the most darling bibs I’ve ever seen and Talan needs in his life!

Ps. How cute is the sleeping baby on the first photo? My eyes are literally popping out hearts!

Kale and Kindred: Cool Kids Clothes Re-Crafted From old Clothes

19 Nov


I love how people are coming up with cool new ideas for recycling different things. Even clothes.



There is Kallio, a New York-based brand ran by talented Karina Kallio who takes old men’s shirts and re-crafts them into effortlessly cool one-of-a-kind kids pieces.

She came up with this genius idea after seeing first-hand how much waste we’re creating with old clothes. Each of her designs is handcrafted in her small Brooklyn Studio with high quality materials.

Thanks to Kickstarter supporters they’ve recently managed to raise enough funds to open up their very first Kallio workshop studio in Brooklyn soon.


Then there is Kindred, founded by Simone and Heike and also based in New York. Their unique ready-made outfits for kids are made from repurposed, vintage and organic fabrics but they also make custom pieces out of your family’s own treasured garments or cloths. How cool is that?
Kindred Sketches

You simply choose you favorite design from their lovely sketches, send them the fabric and within four weeks you’ll receive your new custom-made family heirloom. I’d love to have the balloon Romper made from one of my husbands shirts. And the Pretty Smock for Tila

Le Petit Germain

13 Nov

Le Petit Germain
Here they are, the knits again. I came across an Instagram account under the name OhConfetti from Delphine, a French mama posting the most adorable photos of her baby boy Léon. You have to see it – she has the most amazing taste I’ve seen in a long time and you’ll want to have everything you see on little Léon!

One of the many things that ended up in my bookmarks thanks to Delphine is this French brand Le Petit Germain. Do you know it already? I could swear I heard about it before but I’m not sure where.

Le Petit Germain

Anyhow, they have the most amahzing range of knits and 100% cotton clothes for babies and kids between 0 and 10 years. Their knits are made of 10% cashmere and soft wool mix. And their colors are just perfect for this time of year – I love these muted, earthy tones that go so well with everything.

The site is only in French for now but they send Worldwide

Nutritious Chocolate Milk Recipe

12 Nov

Healthy Chocolate Milk

Tila would drink gallons of chocolate milk if I’d let her but what kid doesn’t love this delicious chocolate drink? I’ve never been a fan of instant cocoa powder because it’s full of sugar and there’s nothing really nutritious in it so the healthy-food freak in me came up with a healthy alternative that she can have as much as she can. Without sugar, full of fibers (thanks to dates) and protein and it’s just so so creamy and delicious! Tila absolutely adores it and so do the rest of us!

Here’s what you need:

1-2 tbs of 100% cocoa powder
2 Madjool Dates (pitted)
2-3 dl warm plant milk (I use oat)
1 tsp hemp protein (optional)
Tiny pinch of salt

Mix the ingredients above in a blender, taste and add a date or two if it’s not sweet enough for you and/or cocoa if you want a stronger taste.

Voilà! Enjoy every single drop of it – guilt free!

WOW! Collégien Tights and Socks

10 Nov


We’re huge fans of Collégien at our house; we all own at least a pair except for the papa – sadly his feet are far too huge for them. But Tila is their devoted customer ever since her very first pair (about 3.5 years ago). Even we buy slippers from another brand we always have to have at least a pair of Collégiens as well. Have you seen their latest designs of slipper socks? Oh-my-dear! I have to stop visiting their site so often…

Collégien Sock Slippers

Collégien Sock Slippers

A few years ago they have also added a range of tights and socks. I’m not even going to start on their delicious colors that go so well with any kind of clothes but the material and the design are just out of this world.

Collégien Tights

Collégien Tights

Collégien Tights

Their ribbed tights are made of long-fiber Egyptian cotton and a tiny bit of Lycra, which makes them super soft and incredible comfy. And the features I love the most are the elasticated waist that makes the tights actually stay up even during the active play, which we tested, and the comfortable toes seams. Does only my girl complain over them? We had to get rid of almost all of the high street brand tights but these don’t bother her at all! She didn’t even have to fix it or anything (which she usually does). These must be the best tights on the market. Even papa was impressed – with the tights! And you can just imagine how much he gives a damn about girl tights usually.

Collégien Knee Socks

I also love the socks. The material is the same as the tights and these are the second pair baby T can’t take off (so easily). They hold on really well and don’t stretch out at all during the day!