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April 2012

Chiming Heart Necklace from Tales from the Earth

Give-away! Chiming Necklace from VUP baby

  So here it is, finally – a new give-away! VUP baby is being generous again and this time the prize is meant for mummies (not judging if some daddies want it also) and it can also sort of be shared with babies. This…

April 30, 2012

Pizza Time!

How often do you have pizza at home? I could eat pizza literally every single day – it’s one of my favourite foods since my childhood. But I prefer home made because it kind of feels like a healthier choice as we always put…

April 27, 2012
Tasha McKelvey Pottery

Tasha McKelvey Pottery

I never find the right words to start a post about outrageously cute stuff like this handmade pottery from Tasha McKelvey so I usually just go with “oh my dear/geez/God”, “are you serious” etc. But what else is here to say other than maybe…

April 27, 2012

Play Teepees!

I’m looking for an indoor play tent/teepee for Tila and I want something that looks great and has an affordable price tag at the same time. I have narrowed down my selection to five teepees that are now going through a thorough evaluation. What…

April 26, 2012
Who's Been Sitting in my Chair Front

Who’s Been Sitting in my Chair Cushion

Samantha Morris is seriously starting to grow on me. I have to admit I wasn’t her biggest fan at first but I did suspect that that might only be a matter of time – and I was so right! I just love her short…

April 25, 2012
Fish Baked in salt Crust

Fish Baked in Salt Crust

I always liked fish but never loved. My boyfriend hated it and Tila always needed some persuading. Until two days ago when our last (the hating one) member tried it made this way, roasted in salt and now we all officially adore fish and…

April 24, 2012

Transfer Your Children’s Paintings to Mugs

What an awesome idea! Need a great gift for grandparents, aunt, uncle or someone close to your children? You only have to send your kid’s art to Alina and she can transfer it on mugs! I know each and every single member of our…

April 20, 2012

NiHaMa Teething Toys and Necklaces

I saw these on Babyccino Kids Blog and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous mix of bright and pastel colours. NiHaMa Teething Toys and Nursing Necklaces are made of natural wood and organic cotton yarn so you can be carefree when your little…

April 19, 2012
Leila Lindholm Jane Asher Decoration

Jane Asher Cake Decorations

You have to know I absolutely adore Leila Lindholm by now, right? Not just for her crazy recipes but also for her most gorgeous cake-decorating taste. I was always wondering where she gets the sweetest little roses that end up on top of her…

April 19, 2012
Blabla Kids

Blabla Kids

How madly cute is this knitted range from Blabla Kids? I absolutely need either the Cloud or the Moustache cushion for Tila and the Pebbles have to meet our couch ASAP! And thank God there’s no baby close by ‘cause I know we wouldn’t…

April 18, 2012
La Cerise Sur le Gateau

La Cerise Sur le Gâteau

I’m so glad I happened across La Cerise Sur le Gâteau (literal translation is Cherry on the Cake but has the meaning of the Icing on the Cake or Cherry on the top expression) – it’s super fresh, funky, fun and extremely adorable all…

April 16, 2012
Zara Home kids

ZARA Home Kids

Just went to take a peek at ZARA Home Kids’ webpage and ended up finding a few most adorable pieces of nightwear, shoes and beachwear made from Liberty Art Fabrics! Who knew… Don’t you just love it?  …

April 13, 2012

Creatables: Made from Waste!

Four years ago three Swedish engineers (two of technical design and one mechanical) came together with a genius idea to create products from waste produced in Swedish production industries and called it Creatables. Their goal is to produce beautiful products from waste only without…

April 13, 2012
Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau

I know Petit Bateau for a while now, even from before I had Tila and for a really long time I have only liked it. But since I have her it has been seriously starting to grow on me more and more each season…

April 11, 2012
My Little Square's Birthday

Celebrate My Little Square’s Birthday with 25% off!

It’s My Little Square’s Birthday and they are celebrating it with us! So it’s 25% off on everything for four whole days – until the end of this Saturday! Just use code BDAYS12 and enjoy… And happy Birthday My Little Square!  …

April 11, 2012