Archive | April 10, 2012

After-Easter DIY: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

10 Apr

So the Easter weekend is over and we had some cardboard egg cartons left, a very bad weather and a desire for crafting. Mommy went online and found this genius idea on Spearmint Baby blog. All you need is an egg carton, scissors, paint and I used straws instead of that “furry wire” (aka. pipe cleaners)… So easy and so, so fun! Like, love, not so much?


Kido O Exploring Fractions

10 Apr

I’ve already posted about Kid O montessori-concept puzzles a while ago but we have just recently got the chance to try one out. And we love it! At first Tila’s only goal was to put it together but now we’re already starting to talk in pieces. The Exploring Fractions Puzzle is made of two different shapes and each circle and square holds a different number of pieces. So the goal is to help kids learn about basic fractions and math concepts through a simple and fun game.

We got ours from VUPbaby so you must know that means no unwanted chemicals and/or toxins. Puzzle costs £19.90 (about €24) but you know you get 10% off if using code jungle10 right?