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sLOVEnia: This is where I come from!

31 May

So this girl’s been up to something and that is the main reason for the missing posts. It’s that time of the year and I have I-don’t-even-want-to-think-about amount of thing to do before we go back home to Slovenia for the summer.

We’ve been away for 4 years now – we started in Denmark where Tila was also born and now it’s going to be one year since we moved to France. I have always wanted to leave Slovenia as I kind of thought it’s too small and too limited in many aspects and ever since we left I have never really missed it. Up till now that is…
I was trying to find some nice photos too show you where I really come from and I could not believe how beautiful my country really is – I honestly could not find a single picture that ‘s not simply breathtaking.

I feel a bit sad and ashamed for not appreciating and being more proud of my own country. It’s such a small county with a population of only about 2 million people, you can travel from one side the other in about 3 hours but we still have it all – the see, the mountains, gorgeous cities, most beautiful lakes you can imagine, freaking castles, plenty of forest, you name it – we have it!
There is just one thing missing though – pride! I don’t believe we appreciate what we really have just enough and I’m the first one to admit it! I’m not saying I’m going back to live in Slovenia but I will definitely go back more often and with a lot more joy!

I am a Slovenian and I come from this gorgeous land you can see above! I am one truly lucky girl it just took me a few years to realise that!

Ps. You will excuse me the lack of posts here and there, shorter texts and a few days of absence, right? I promise you I will do my very best.

You can see more of Slovenia here and here

Divine: Ketiketa

30 May

Softest fabrics. Gentle, pastel colours. Natural fibres. So simple, sweet and just absolutely beautiful models. Plus fair trade. All that gathered together under one name – Ketiketa. I’ve been admiring this brand for girls and boys from age 0 to 10 years for a while now but their latest summer collection is just incredible. I truly love each and every single piece from it! Isn’t it divine?

Available from numerous retailers but you can check at Smallable and Sweet William for a start

Potato Stamp PJ’s from Petit à Petit and Family

28 May

You must know I’m a loyal Babyccino reader by now, right? So a few weeks ago I read this post from one of their newest contributor Celina about potato stamps and instantly wanted a pair of pajamas she made with her kids, for Tila. And to my luck there were quite a few of us so she decided to start making them by order.

The fabric is 100% organic cotton and you can choose between three colours. Prints are made with water-based inks and you can either have a cat or a bunny or even no print at all – but who wouldn’t want these darling potato prints?!

It’s so hard to find one-piece PJ’S for kids over 2 years and I love that she’s willing to make them in sizes as big as up to 6 years! Plus they close with Velcro tabs so little hands can easily manage the dressing and undressing part all by themselves. Absolutely perfect!

Want to grab a pair too? Hop over to her Petit à Petit and Family boutique and choose between Bunny or Cat print which cost $40 (€31) or without print for $33 (€26). Shipping to EU goes from $12 (€9)

My Little Mercerie from My Little Square

25 May

This is such a treat for all the crafty mamas! My Little Square decided to design a special line of sewing goods and accessories and name it My Little Mercerie. I really like the oh-so sweet and Frenchy fabrics and all the other bits and bobs like ribbons, buttons, iron-on’s and even the thread cutter is super cute! Love the colours, the prints, the simplicity and (yes, again) the Frenchiness of the whole collection!

What would you make first? I already have a few ideas running through my head.

Must Check Out! “Be Our Buyer” Shopping Event

25 May

Did you know about this rather new shopping event called “Be Our Buyer” that guys at AlexandAlexa came up? It goes something like this: they choose a few new (trial) brands, you get to buy them at 50% off (yes, it’s not a typo!) and after you try them out you let them know whether you liked the brand(s) and would like to see them join their range or not. Each event lasts for three days only and you need to sign up here in order to receive their secret email invitation. How cool does that sound? I am so mad for not knowing about it before as quite a few amazing brands have passed me by. Shame on me!

As a matter of fact one just started today and the range is absolutely lovely. I especially like the stuff from Bebe Minihaha and boy’s t-shirts from Dolls & Dirt. Hope they won’t mind me sharing a few of my favourite picks with you… just too show you what I’m talking about

Buoyancy Swimsuit from Archimède

24 May

While I was snooping around for jelly shoes I couldn’t go pass these ridiculously cute buoyancy swimsuits from a Belgian brand called Archimède I noticed over at Melijoe. They come in sizes from 6 months up to 6 years and floats can later be removed. I love them!

€50 – €65 at Melijoe or find your favourite retailers here

Jelly Shoes!

24 May

When I was a kid I absolutely hated jelly shoes. I refused to wear them even if it meant risking to step on a sea urchin, which I of course did. Several times. But that still didn’t convince me to start wearing them.

Funny enough, now I think it’s one of the cutest things tiny feet have ever met. How cute is it to see little sea adventurers picking up seashells, discovering new sea animals and wearing nothing but the jelly shoes and a tiny bathing suit (or not even that)?

So I’ve decided to put together a list of a few of my favourite ones for this year. I was trying to find a few that don’t really screem jelly shoes but can just as easily be used as normal sandals. Now you tell me how I did.

From left to right:

1. D&G Pink Jelly Sandals €44 at Alexandalexa

2. Mini Melissa Sandals €62 at Childrensalon and €73 at LFG

3. Archimede Lycra Jelly Shoes €40 at Melijoe

4. Mini Melissa Gold Sandals €38 at LFG (also in pink and white)

5. Camper Rubber Shoes €35 at Melijoe

6. Archimede Lycra Jelly Shoes €40 at Melijoe

7. D&G Pink Jelly Sandals €44 at Alexandalexa (also in blue and red)

Genius Wraps: Je Porte Mon Bebe

23 May

When Tila was a baby I used to wear her in a sling and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t use it even more often and longer. Now when she is starting to grow up into a little lady-devil I really miss those times when she wanted to be carried 24/7! She absolutely hated both the pram and the push chair but she loved the sling – the combination of being close to me and wrapped up snug like a little burrito always calmed her down and made her fall asleep (wanna see?)! Always! I wish I could sleep with her in it back then, maybe that way I’d get more than two hours of undisturbed sleep. So I absolutely plan to carry my next one as often and for as long as my petiteness can handle!

I found these wraps from a French brand called Je Porte Mon Bebe (I Carry My Baby) and I admit my eye twitched for their looks first (don’t you just love the colours?) but after I looked into their use a bit more, all I can say is – genius!

Their wraps are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which means both breathability and stretchiness (without getting saggy), they’re big enough to be suitable for both parents, allow numerous positions (front, hip, back, lying, sitting you name it!) up until they reach 14 kg. You can easily nurse and bottle feed the baby while in the wrap and again – they are absolutely gorgeous!
Wraps come in two sizes – the long one measures 5m in length but you can cut any extra off and the short one is only 3.5m long and designed mostly for hip and back carrying. And they even have Doll Wraps – oh Tila would (will?) so love that!

Did or do you carry your baby? Which carrier/wrap/sling do you prefer?

You can order wraps directly from them for €79,90 or €59 for Short ones and shipping across France is free, €5 for the rest of the Europe.
Or you can get them from the two gorgeous online boutiques Noeuf and My Little Square

Ps. don’t worry maybe it looks like it’s complicated to put on but I guarantee you’ll master it in a matter of days! Just look at this video – that daddy is a pro, isn’t he?

Love! Sun-San and Scruffy Dog Sandals

22 May

It’s not really easy to find high quality kid’s sandals that are also both stylish and comfortable – you usually have to choose between the two. We’ve been faithful to Birkenstock’s (I especially love the Mocca colour) and Pom d’Api’s up till now and truly loved both. But I’m seriously tempted to try out one of these two this year: the American cult classic Sun-San sandals (second row), known to be extremely comfortable and one of the most durable on the market or the super cute Scruffy Dog Sandals (first row) with the three-layered sole (leather foot bed, cork platform and rubber sole) and the cutest style that is suppose to protect the big toe – don’t really get the point of that (are there actually kids that need their big toes protected?) I just like how they look – super cute!

The Sun-Sans cost from £34 – £40 (ca. €42 – €50) and I suggest the Childrensalon and alexandalexa or just take a peek for more retailers here. And the Scruffy Dog Sandals are about €45 ($58) over at one of most gorgeous online boutiques I’ve seen, Sweet William.

Ps. I’m even thinking about getting a pair of these for me. Super chic, aren’t they? And a matching pair for my little miss…I think I’ve decided! You?


21 May

I first came across Oysho store on our trip to Barcelona where I also bought a few leisure pieces, which I just love – besides being comfortable they can also be easily worn outside without looking like you’ve just finished your work out in the park.
So I was super excited to find out they also have an online store as I really like their new summer range that is also extremely affordable– including shipping (€5.95). And judging by the pieces I have at home the quality is pretty good as well.

The only down side is that they don’t ship to all EU countries yet…

Gorgeous! Micuna Ovo High Chair

21 May

I’m drooling over this Ovo high chair designed by a Spanish brand Micuna since the first time I saw it. I’m a big sucker for contemporary, Scandinavian (if you will) design that doesn’t really look too modern or minimalistic but will still blend perfectly with the rest of your furniture even after decades. The sleek, round lines and wood (of course) will always be in fashion.
It can be used from when a child is able to sit on her/his own (so from about six months on) and up to 3 years or even more if you take the white part of legs off and create one beautiful desk chair.
It comes in white or navy blue and you can choose between five different colours of cushions.

The only thing I’m not so crazy about is the price. At €339 plus extra €59 for the cushion, pricey is the word I’m looking for. But I’m afraid it just looks too darn good not to get me start saving for our número dos! Call me weak, I deserve it.

Kids Love Design send out to most of European countries for €16 – €60 (depending on your zone) or you can try to find your nearest retailer right here


17 May

Did you ever see these creatures called Clump-O-Lumps? I think I might have a teeny-tiny crush on them. But who wouldn’t, just look at how cool they are! Each can be split (unzipped actually) into three pieces and then mixed and matched with each other – all that with a zipper! They also look super cool, a bit weird even by showing their insides when taken apart – so just the way I like them! I know, I am strange… Nothing new.
I believe these little weirdos are only available in stores across US for now but not to worry they ship to Europe too!

Individual Clump-O-Lump costs $25 (about €19.50) and shipping to EU goes from $13.83 (about €11)

Psst! If you sign up for their email newsletter you get a code for 15% off purchases of $50 or more (€39)!


Beehives from Plan Toys

16 May

I love this toy for a few reasons: it’s made of wood and it’s great for improving fine motor skills, developing coordination and concentration and to help learn colours. The idea is simple: placing bees in their matching hives (by colours) with a set of wooden tweezers. Hives can also be stacked or laid flat. And being from Plan Toys you can only expect an impeccable design and quality.

£19 (ca. €24) over at The Egg Box and shipping to UK £3.75.
To get quotes for other countries just contact them and they’ll try to find the most competitive rate for you

A few Summer Picks

15 May

I just love how beautifully the summer range is coming together at Noeuf, My Little Square, Scandinavian Minimall, PetitHOOD and VUP Baby. So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite picks that should not be missed at the beach! Like?

From top left, clockwise:
1. Petit Crabe Sun-Protective Tee £23.50 (€26.60)
2. Munster Kids Swim Shorts 30% off – €42
3. Egmont Toys Wicker €7.50
4. Sons & Daughters Sunglasses €47
5. Finger in the Nose Baby Sun-Protective Swimsuit £35.50 (€40)
6. Mini Rodini Visor in Fuschia €18
7. Egmont Toys Fishing Ducks Game €29.90
8. Egmont Toys Lounge Chair €29
9. April Showers Espadriles €31
10. Green Toys Sand Play Set £17.99 (€22.30)
11. Sons & Daughters Sunglasses €47
12. Mini Rodini Visor in Green €18

And never forget about the RIGHT sunscreen!

Fruit & Veggie “Smoothies” from Ella’s Kitchen

14 May

Generally I’m not a big fan of pre-made and packed smoothies or purees especially if kids eat fruit and vegetables but these 100% organic fruits + veg ones from Ella’s Kitchen (which are suppose to be baby purees btw) are an essential in our “out and about backpack” since Tila is not crazy about any kind of veggies and each and every meal needs a lot of persuasion and yes, time! So when we’re out or on the way this way she at least gets some raw, unprocessed veggies – no hassle from her side and a big smile from mine!

I usually order them from Planet Organic (along with (too)many other products) where one 120g pack costs £1.19 (€1.50) but you can even get them from Amazon and their range is a bit wider – pack of seven only between £6.30 – £6.93 (ca. €8 – €8.50)