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Mrs. Mighetto Prints

27 May

Mr Mighetto

Thank to Instagram I just found the most incredible prints under the name mrs. Mighetto and I’m wondering how exactly did it take me so long to sniff them out. Malin Mighetto and Anna Sylvan from Sweden launched their first collection of watercolor prints last October and it was sold in last than two weeks. I can’t really say I’m surprised.

Mr Mighetto

Their prints are based on mystery and fantasy characters and they have the most amazing pallet of colors that appeal to both parents and kids.

Mr Mighetto

There are so many different kinds of prints for kids out there already but I’m almost sure you have never seen anything like these before.

Mr Mighetto

Oh we need Miss Martha, Ester and Mr Eric in our home. And di you see their bunting? We need that as well.

You can find your nearest retailer here

Angle: Crème de la crème of Rain Boots!

22 May


I can’t believe how much my kids have grown in the past year. I just bought them a whole new wardrobe less than six months ago but nothing fits them anymore! They’ve both had a massive growth spurt so this mama is going to have to forget about any new summer pieces for herself ‘cause all my pennies are going into their wardrobe.


And I’m currently at raingear. It’s raining like crazy here for the last few weeks and Tila is complaining about her current rain boots being to small. Of course.
We’ve been faithful fans of Aigle’s for about four years now and we’re staying ones. I’ve tried a couple other brands (not sure why) but they always started to leak at some point. Aigle boots – never! It must be because they are handcrafted.


And although I love their iconic one-color boots the most, Tila of course prefers prints. She currently has them in Liberty Pink print but I have my eyes set on their newest Rain Drops. The raindrops are actually white but isn’t it the coolest idea painting them yourself? I love it!

Ps. They also have the most beautiful adult line, make sure to take a tour around the shop!

Blue Jane Clothing Co.

20 May

Blue Jane Clothing Co

My favorite summer pieces for Tila must be dresses. They are not only super convenient as they take the least time to dress but they can also be so easily mixed and matched with all kinds of different shoes and cute cardigans. And when you find the cutest one like these from Blue Jane Clothing Co you’ll want to avoid any kind of extra layers of clothing!

Blue Jane Clothing Co

Blue Jane Clothing Co

Danielle Colby from South Carolina, US is the goldenfinger behind it all as she’s the one that handcrafts all the pieces you can find in her Bigcartel boutique. I honestly have the hardest time deciding on my favorite pieces but the selection above had me at hello!

Very French Gangsters: Ice Cold Kids Sunglasses

19 May

Very French Gangsters

Tila has been wearing optical glasses since she was one year old and I was so happy when she turned three so I could finally buy her a pair from the Very French Gangsters. I still remember the day the we drove for about two hours to the nearest city with their retailer. And after that day I (and so many other people) can’t imagine her without these glasses. It’s funny how people immediately notice when she doesn’t have them on. She wears them everywhere and people recognize her after her “cool” glasses.

Very French Gangsters

But about a month ago a tragedy happened. I fixed the temple tips for Tila because she complained they bothered her and then she apparently wanted to show her friends from kindergarten what her glasses can do and she bent one temple way too much until it snapped off! We went to the eyewear store the same day but there was nothing they could do. Unrepeatable they said. And my heart broke in half seeing Tila so devastated. I have never thought they meant that much to her. Even the lady at the store felt bad. She said she never saw a child so sad over a pair of eyeglasses.

Very French Gangsters

So I wrote to the Very French Gangsters directly to try and find out if there is really nothing to do. And they confirmed. But then they did the sweetest thing ever! They sent Tila a brand new frame! You should see how happy that made one little girl. She was so excited and relieved, much more than me! So sweet.

I wanted to thank the Very French Gangsters for the sweetest gesture and I also made a few shots of Tila with her new and shiny frame – so sorry for bombarding you with these many photos but this girl is so photogenic that I couldn’t just pick one. I took me so long to come down to only these many already.

Very French Gangsters

And for those of you who don’t know the French Gangsters yet: the brand was founded in 2011 in France by Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger with an aim to fill in the gap in the cool kid’s eyewear market. They have the most incredible range of high quality handmade optical and sunglasses for both kids (from 3 to 14 years of age) and their mamas as well now! My heart still beats for the Very Pan Pan model (the one Tila has) but I’m also getting a giant crush on the Very Boss (they come in two kid’s sizes) – I could match her with the Big Bosses 😉

ps. Tila came up with the “crossed hands” pose herself – how cool is the photo? It’s one of favourites!

Art Sticker Books

7 May

Art Sticker Books Pablo Picasso

My husband and I were in an art shop here in Göppingen ther other day and we found this amazing Pablo Picasso Sticker Book for kids with six of artist’s paintings on every left side of the book and their incomplete copies on the opposite sites so the children can make exact copies of masterpieces by finding the right stickers and placing them in the right place. The book is created by Sylvie Delpech and Caroline Leclerc from Paris, France.

The book also has a short and easy-to-understand description about the artists life and his work like where he was born, where he studied, what did he do and where he lived and worked. I wanted to save the book for the summer when we’ll hopefully have more time on our hands so I could take a little more time to discuss the paintings and Pablo in general with Tila but she just found it today and couldn’t wait so she almost finished it – I barely convinced her to leave two of the paintings for tomorrow because it was already way after her bedtime already. And you should see her how proud she was to tell her grandparents about what she learned on Pablo. Needless to say I was super proud of her!

Art Sticker Books

I just checked on Amazon and there is a whole series of Sticker Art Shapes books! There is one on Matisse, Klimt, Arcimboldo, Andy Warho and many more! One of the most genius learning tools I’ve ever seen!

You can buy them from Amazon (UK, US, DE and FR)

Chef’s Knife For Kids: Opinel Le Petit Chef

6 May

Opinel Le Petit Chef

I want to but I can’t really say that my husband and I always loved to cook but we are definitely discovering big passion in cooking and food in general now. We even decided to have a little garden this year, which was something we saw as a big burden just couple of years ago.

Naturally we want the kids to be a part of it and Tila likes to help prepare food but the knife I bought for her is taking all the fun out of cutting for her. I didn’t want to buy her one that would be too sharp but the one she has now is even more dangerous for cuts than a sharper one.

Opinel Le Petit Chef

But recently I discovered the perfect solution – this beautiful knife from Opinel designed especially for kids. It has a special educational ring between the blade and handle in order to prevent the little hand from slipping onto the blade while teaching proper technique. And a special finger guard that comes with the set helps position fingers from the other hand into a claw grip used by professional cooks in order to keep them away from the blade. To ensure extra safety the tip of the knife is round.

There are two types of sets – one with the knife and a finger guard and one with an additional peeler. You can buy them over Amazon (UK, DE, FR) or find your nearest retailer here

Photos courtesy of Opinel

Rylee + Cru

28 Apr

Rylee + Cru

I have the Rylee + Cru in my bookmarks for quite some time now and I just went to take a little peek at their new collection and was blown away! I think I love every single thing. Noy only their clothes but also the prints and the cutest little shout backpack – I want it all!

Rylee + Cru

Rylee + Cru

The company is the brainchild of a Canadian illustrator Kelli Murray who was inspired by her own kids and wanted to design a unique artistic collection for kids aged 0 – 2 and offer comfortable shapes and soft fabrics that make dressing easy for the little one and his mama!

Rylee + Cru

Rylee + Cru

Her clothes are hand-dyed and made locally in California

Clotaire Shoes: High Quality but Affordable!

27 Apr


I’m shopping for summer shoes for Tila and I stumbled upon Clotaire, a French brand founded by Violaine Belle-Croix and Elsa Vernet with an aim to create well-designed and reasonably priced children’s shoes without the common but so unnecessary tacky details. Their shoes are hand manufactured in Portugal and exclusively sold in their Internet boutique.

I absolutely adore their timeless designs and have already put a few models on my need-to-buy list. And just when I wanted to say that I wish they came in my size I discovered most of them actually do! How amazing is that?

Food Preserving Caps: Food Huggers!

21 Apr


I have always wondered what other people do with the half finished fruits and veggies. I usually wrap them in a plastic wrap, which is bad for both the environment and us as the PVC the wrap is made of is toxic and can transfer into food.


So while I was looking for better alternatives I came across these reusable silicone food caps called Food Huggers. Their patented designs fit to snuggle around fruits and vegetables in order to keep them fresh with an airtight seal.

Food Huggers

They come in different sizes and shapes to fit different types of food. You can also use them to airtight different size jars – what a clever solution for those who misplace lids all the time (I raise my hand first!).

The silicone is 100% FDA certified and BPA and phthalate free. It is also dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Food Huggers come in three different size sets and each costs $9.99 (about €9 or £7) and shipping costs for Europe go from $5.37 (€5/£3.50) up

Babyccino DIY: Dipped Wooden Spooons!

20 Apr

Dipped Wooden Spoons

I’m not sure if all of you already know about my humble DIY contributions on Babyccino Blog so I wanted to share my today’s craft; the Dipped Wooden Spoons.

I always loved them but somehow thought they wouldn’t be to hard to make at home so I did just that. They were super easy to make, a tiny bit more time consuming than the rest of my crafts but the outcome is absolutely amazing. And I’ve been using the spoons daily for more than a month now and they still look like new – no scratches, no chips!

You can see the complete step-by-step instructions here. Would love to know if some of you have made them too and maybe even added any extra zing to them?

Gorgeous Stationery From Vila Malina

14 Apr

Vila Malina POT print

I’m especially happy and proud to do this post because I can show you what amazing talents live in a little country I come from, Slovenia.

I’ve been following Urška Jenko on her Instagram for a long time now and that is how we became friends (as much as I dislike most of the changes the social media brought along, I sure love this one!).

Vila Malina Stationery

Urška is a preschool teacher by her profession but her heart led her to open up a beautiful store for kids and décor Vila Malina (meaning Fairy Raspberry) in Celje back in 2005 but due to the impact the global economic downturn had on our country she had to give it up. She was crushed but very determined to keep on and find something new to fulfill her creative soul. And that is how her first paper collection was born.

She most kindly sent me her POT print and our living room never looked more beautiful than it does now. It was kind of funny how my husband and I argued over it when it arrived. He usually doesn’t care so much for these kinds of things but he loved this print so much he wanted to hang it near the couch where he spends most of his evenings but that didn’t fly with me as I want it near my work space where I spend most of my evenings. I guess he’ll have to get his own. Ha!

Vila Malina Stationery

The most amazing collection of Notebooks, Prints and Postcard are illustrated by Ana Maraž after Urška’s ideas she got from her daily walks in the nature and they present a reflection on everyday life and the desire for freedom of the spirit. She finds the joy in a beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives and she wants to spread the same with her items.

You can order her gorgeous work on her internet site and make sure to also check out her Instadiary (a planner with 18 of your favorite Instagram photos spread inside and on the cover) and Instapic Photos – I need to order those yesterday!

Now the sweetest part of the post: there is an Instagram contest going on with the POT print in game – go see!

Storytime Monthly Magazine: No Ads, Just Stories and Some Extra Fun!

13 Apr

Storytime Magazine

Tila is a huge fan of books and comics. That is one of the rare things that actually make her stay still for quite some time. So I was very happy when a couple of Storytime issues came in our mail. I kind of expected they would be really nice but I was completely blown away when we unpacked them! I don’t even know where to start, there are just so many details about them I love; like the way the paper feels on my fingers, the fact that there is no yucky ink smell, the gorgeous illustrations and the beautiful inside covers prints. Tila was so impressed with the illustrations that it took her the whole evening just to skim through them. I was a bit worried the stories would be hard to understand but the way they are put together and the simplicity of the text is perfect even for very young children.

Storytime Magazine Pages

Storytime is a monthly magazine for children and is packed full of beautifully illustrated fairytales, legends, myths, folk tales and poems. Each issue also includes fun games and different activities. And the part I love the most – there are no ads and no prizes! Just stories and good old fun! I’m so impressed that I’ve decided we’re not going to buy children’s books for a little while and get all of their old issues instead! And I can’t wait to subscribe – I don’t know who’s going to be more eager to get the Storytime issue each month, Tila or me?

And a little treat for you: Storytime Magazine is offering all Baby Jungle readers from UK either a free sample issue or three issues for £3 only – all you have to do is call 0843 504 4932. And all the readers outside UK get one free issue if you subscribe; just enter code ‘JUNGLE’ in the promotional code space at the check out

New Nadadelazos SS15 and a Huge Sale on Their Previous Collections

9 Apr

Nadadelazos SS15

I won’t even start on how amazing the new collection from Nadadelazos is. Simply because pictures speak louder than words. I love their simple, fun and so kids appealing prints and colors just perfect for the summer.

And the thing I love the most is that their clothes fit for several years. I still have a few pieces left from their first collection that I bought for Tila and even though they have been worn and washed a lot they still look like new. Most of them are waiting on Talan and there is one pair of pants she actually still wears! So a brand definitely worth the investment!

And all their previous collections are reduced by 50% or more, did you know that? I have already robbed most of their stocks. Have you seen baby T in their Leaf Jumpsuit already?

Senz: Umbrellas That Won’t Turn Inside Out!

7 Apr

Senz Umbrella

We had the worst weather the whole last week: rain and wind. And I’m not talking about those mild showers and gentle winds I’m talking about the in-your-face rain and the umbrella-turning kind of wind. Every single day. From Monday through Saturday. And just when I was struggling to keep my umbrella alive it stroked me I totally forgot to share (and get me one of) these! Have you ever noticed how useless umbrellas are when the wind is blowing? Especially if you carry something in your other hand? You always have to decide on who’d you like to save: either the umbrella from turning around and consequently you or the item(s) in your either hand. And when it’s the pushchair in your other hand the winner is obvious and so is the wet looser.

Senz Umbrellas

But! In one of my magazines (I’m sorry I forgot which one, but there are just too many of them) I spotted this crazy looking umbrella from a Norwegian brand called Senz that, thanks’ to its earodinamic shape, supposedly withstands even the strongest wind – up to 100km/h! Three Dutch students designed it out of frustration and they have tested them by maxing out wind tunnels and jumping with the umbrellas out of airplanes and they always stayed in-shape (literally). You can see their video here.

They have five different models going from €30 – €60 to fit all price ranges and they all come with a 1-year warranty even on missing parts!

I always loved quirky looking umbrellas, I have this one from Lisbeth Dahl at the moment (or until it turns inside out), and I just wish it had the same capabilities as Senz umbrellas

The Doodle Post: A Fun New Craft in Your Mail Every Month!

31 Mar

The Doodle Post

Erin from The Doodle Post has kindly sent Tila a craft kit to try out and I let her peek inside and asked her to wait so we have enough time to complete it and so the lighting is right so that I can take some pictures while she’s doing it. But a half hour later bam! – she proudly showed me her finished project! She just couldn’t wait. Thank god she didn’t paint paper flower yet so I could at least take a couple photos while she was doing that. She loved the content (paper flowers, glitter glue, colorful sequins, paint, wreath ring) so much she simply could’t wait and who could blame her? I was actually pretty darn proud of her; she did a great job. She didn’t really go by the instructions, my little rebellion but the outcome is even better, unique.

The Doodle Post

The Doodle Post

Erin, a mom of two and an art teacher noticed first hand how important art is for kids. It doesn’t only help with fine motor skills development but it also encourages self-expression, decision making and confidence.

But many parents either don’t have time or even the joy to shop for crafting supplies and come up with fun projects. And that is why The Doodle Post is here. It’s a mail order craft subscription, which means each month a new fun crafting project comes in your mail – with all the supplies and instructions needed to complete it. They are aimed for kids between 5-10 years old and each project has been tested by Erin’s students.

You can subscribe for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and they ship Worldwide