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Rescued Made-Under Fashion Dolls: Tree Change Dolls

3 Mar

Tree Change Dolls

Have you heard of Sonia Singh from Tasmania and her Tree Change Dolls yet? If not you need to since she and her mother are doing one of the most amazing things I’ve heard in a long time.

Tree Change Dolls

So, what Sonia does is rescues old fashion dolls (mostly Bratz dolls), wipes their heavy makeup off and paints them new, most darling little faces that look much more natural and child-like. Some even have freckles, and gaps between their teeth, something children can actually relate to.

She also re-conditions their hair and makes new hairstyles for them, and sometimes even makes new shoes for them. At the end she dresses them up in adorable clothes made by her mother. The transformations are pretty amazing as you can see.

Tree Change Dolls

I’d like to say we don’t own a single “fashion” doll in the house but we do have a few Barbie dolls that only have a tiny bit of makeup on (I always watch out for that) but even tiny is too much I think. But I got a huge inspiration from Sonia now and have even took off all the make up from one of Tila’s doll and the new paintbrushes are on the way. Now I only hope my hand is steady enough not to make the poor doll look like a clown; pray for me/her!

Due to the overwhelming response the dolls get grabbed in seconds, literally! Sonia makes about 20 dolls each months and posts them to her Etsy shop for sale and their prices range from about 52 to 115 EUR

Louise Wilkinson Easter Plates

26 Feb

Louise Wilkinson Rabbit Plate

Easter is just around the corner (and doesn’t it feel like Christmas was like a week ago?) and I want to be prepared this year – I’m so unorganized that every year I end up coloring easter eggs and decorating the house (putting those eggs in a bowl) the day before. This year I decided to make a tiny bit more fuss and these darling, darling bone china plates from Louise Wilkinson are just perfect to serve the purpose. I think I’ll get one for each of my kids.

Louise Wilkinson

This Bunny Side Plate is my absolute favorite but there are many more to choose from. All prices are on Louise Wilkinson site and you can place an order by email: and if you’re in the US visit Wolf & Badger

Sew Heart Felt Rugs and More

24 Feb

Sew Heart Felt Rugs

How amazing are these animal rugs from Sew Heart Felt? We absolutely need the donkey or the badger in our lives! No need to worry, these are faux! They are actually made from organic wool. The entire collection is designed in England by Sonia Spencer and made by women across the world with a wet felting technique where the wool is being shaped with soap, water and hand pressure. The rugs measure about 110 x 65 cm and if you were wondering; yes they ship worldwide!

Sew Heart Felt Slippers

Sew Heart Felt Hand Puppets

Sew Heart Felt Beach Donkeys

And while you’re there you should also explore the rest of their darling range. My favorites are the felt slippers (they make them in adult sizes as well!), hand puppets and the Blackpool beach donkeys. So cute!

the Perfect Place to Save Your Recipes in: Recipe Boxes

20 Feb

Riffle Paper Co Tin Recipe Box

My husband and I we love to cook. And over the years we accumulated a few very good recipes and we usually write them on small pieces of paper and put them on our fridge. But we just talked about how unorganized they are and how easily could they get lost – especially with (now) two sets of hands playing with the magnets (and consequently the recipes) on the fridge all the time.
We have already tried to re-write them into a notebook but that isn’t really working out for us. I think there must be three different notebooks out there already each containing a few recipes which is even worse than what we’re doing now. But now I think I have found the perfect solution for us; a recipe box with cards to write recipes on! Simple as it sounds.

Pleased to Meet Recipe Boxes

Pleased to Meet Recipe Cards

I have found these beautiful ones made of hard cardboard from Pleased to Meet that come in four different gorgeous colors. My favorites are french grey and petrol. Boxes come pre-equipped as a starter kit with 30 recipe cards and dividers.

Riffle Paper Co Wood Recipe Box

Riffle Paper Co Tin Recipe Boxes

Riffle Paper Co Recipe Cards

I also love recipe boxes from Riffle Paper Co. They have wooden and tin ones and they come with 12 letterpress dividers and 24 Recipe Cards and you can also buy those separately, there are six different kinds to choose from.

Wouldn’t they also make a great wedding gift?

Star Suits and Shark Sacs from Baby Bites

18 Feb

Baby Bites Shark Sac1

The winter is harsh here in our area this year and for the last few weeks Talan has no choice but to stay faithful to one outfit only – the snow suit! I’m really glad I love it so I’m not fed up with it (just yet). But if it looked anything like the snow suits from Baby Bites I think we’d turn off the heat at home just so he could wear them there as well!

Baby Bites Star Suit
Baby Bites Star Suit
Baby Bites Star Suit

I mean, how outrageously cute are their Star Suits ? And what about their Shark Sleeping Bags that can also be installed into prams by threading harness straps through holes in their backrest? Ay ay ay I almost wish winter would last longer this year…

If you’re not completely over the moon over their Suits and Sleeping Bags already I can assure you to become as soon as you see some in-action photos on their Facebook. Literally too cute to handle!

Merino Delights from Luvmother

16 Feb

Luvmother Hoody 1

I love merino wool for so many reasons I don’t even know where to begin. It’s lightweight but warm in the winter (and thank to it’s weather-adapting feature also cool in the summer), extremely soft and comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic and also machine washable and fast drying. It is the crème de la crème in the world of wool!

Luvmother Hoody

So, needles to say I was more than thrilled when a package of merino goodies from LuvMother, a new brand from Canada came in our mail. Tila received this outrageously beautiful hoody you can see on the photos and baby Talan got the softest swaddle blanket he’s using as a blanket. It’s so soft and he loves to hold it to his cheek.

Luvmother Hoody 3

I was so happy when we were finally blessed with one super sunny day so I could take some photos that would capture the amazing craftsmanship (the stitching is just perfect) and the amazing quality of the materials. And not to forget the colors – how amazing is the pink and those tiny black birds print pop out so beautifully, don’t you think?

Luvmother Swaddle

And the first thing that came to mind when I got to the blanket was I want one in my size! It’s so soft and I love the details like rounded corners, the hanging loop and double-faced fabric (one side is merino wool and the other cotton).

Luvmother Swaddle1

The brand was founded by a husband-wife duo and their goal is to create nothing less than beautiful and functional children’s wear that doesn’t only fit as it should but is also made from premium, traceable materials that feel good next to skin and have a built in hand-me-down quality.

Can’t Live Without: Toothy Tabs from Lush

11 Feb

Lush Toothy Tabs

A few weeks ago my sister told me about the Toothy Tabs from Lush and I was hooked after the first time I tried them. They are natural solid toothpaste tabs that you simply crush between your teeth and as soon as they get in touch with water (wet tooth brush) they start to foam just like any other toothpaste.
But the best thing about them is that they really truly and absolutely whiten your teeth and freshen your breath amazingly! I swear, both me and my hubby were amazed over how effective they are and papa bear doesn’t really get excited over cosmetic products easily, trust me. Toothpaste is only a toothpaste to him but he just asked me yesterday if I remembered to order a new, back-up pack just in case…

Toothy Tabs are made from all-natural ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Kaolin Powder and different essential oils. There are seven different flavours but I only tried the “Sparkle” for now.

(Image above found here)

Bath Time Stickers from Meadow Kids

10 Feb

Meadow Kids Bathtime Stickers Silly Faces

I almost never shower my kids instead I bathe them every day. I think it’s more convenient for me since it takes less time, I love the fact that I don’t need to use any shower gels or other bath products unless it’s “hair washing” day just a splash of coconut oil every once in a while and it’s a lot more fun than a short shower for them. Ever more so since they have this super fun Bath Time Stickers from Meadow Kids. I have also included them in my Christmas lists, remember?

Meadow Kids Bathtime Stickers Girls

Meadow Kids Bath Time Stickers Animals

These are genius! I love how cool they look, how fun they are and how good they stick to the bathroom tiles! Absolute must-have for the bath time!

I’m sorry for the blurry photo below but the light in our bathroom is catastrophic and the tiles are…well…the house belongs to an older lady if you get me. But I just wanted to show you how well they perform in action.

Meadow Kids Bath Time Stickers

Meadow Kids specializes in toys and books and they have an enormous range of bath toys from stickers, puzzles to drawing boards you can use in the bath and so much more. I love these Floating Activity Scenes. How fun must they be?

Their toys are available from Amazon (UK, COM, DE, FR) or check other retailer here

DIY: Shoe Lacing Board Montessori-Style

9 Feb

Shoe Lacing DIY

I’ve been so lucky to have been given a chance to write guest posts a few times for the Babyccino Kids blog and now they asked if I would write regular posts for them! How could I say no to something like that? Write regular posts for my favorite blog? Yes please!

I’ll mostly stick to my favorite theme; crafts and I decided to also do a series of “Montessori-Style Crafts”. My first post in this series is already up – have you seen it? It’s a super simple tool that helps kids learn to tie their shoes in no time! Tila has learned in one day!

Here are the complete step-by-step photos and instructions

Clean, Strong and Stylish: Snap Bibs!

21 Jan

Snap Bibs

I’ve been trying to find the perfect bib for a long time now. No success yet. They are either not the easiest to clean, take a bit too long to dry or just too easy to pull off (does that drive you off too?)! I used to like the pocket bibs but that thing is so nasty especially if you forget to empty it out for a few days which happened to me quite a few times. A few too many.

So just when I almost gave up on finding “the one” and simply started using old tea towels I discovered Snap Bibs via Instagram. I think these might actually really work.

Snap Bibs

Almost five years ago Katie Lewis, a mom of then baby girl that just started with solids had the same bib issues as I am having now and created the first Snap Bib, loved it, opened up an Etsy store to see if someone else will too and she soon couldn’t keep up with the orders that’s how popular they became. And no wonder! Snap Bibs promise to be leak and pull proof, easy to clean (you can just wipe them off or rise real quickly in the sink) and look super stylish.

They are made of thick but soft and flexible PVC, come in two sizes (small and large) and there are 12 different colors at the moment

Wood Sunglasses from Woodzee

19 Jan


We were all so excited when Tila received these cool pair of sunglasses from Woodzee. They look and feel amazing and they fit perfectly. Now me and Papa Bear want our own pairs too! They have the most amazing range of eyeglasses (both sunglasses and optical glasses) but there is so much more to this company you need to know.

Woodzee was founded in 2011 in California and they are completely devoted to the preservation and restoration of our natural environment and promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature.
Their products are made from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials only and their packages of 50% recycled paper and printed with Soy Ink. They also came up with this great idea of including their costumers into their well-doing. When you buy a product from them you get to choose a continent where you want them to plant a tree. And they do it. They plan to go even further soon by having you pick a non-profit organization at the checkout to which they’ll donate a part of profit to.


Tila’s sunglasses are made from recycled water buffalo horn and from the most gorgeous striped wood called zebrawood. Lenses of course provide 100% protection from UV rays. All of their glasses come in microfiber pouch and recycled paper box printed with soy ink.

Ps. When you’re ready to recycle your pair of Woodzees you can simply send them back to them (broken or not) and they’ll either be donated to a person in need or recycled and you’ll get a 40% off code in return. How cool is that?

Currently they have some of the most amazing models on sale and with code END25 you get and additional 25% off! Do I need to say more?


24 Dec

Santa Ornametns

I made another humble contribution for Babyccino Kids Blog and I just have to post here too.
A couple of years ago my sister-in-law and I decided to start a tradition of no gift buying for us adults for Christmas. Or at least no big ones. It can be something tiny like our favorite chocolate or tea or something of that sort or we can make them ourselves. So this year I decided to do just that. I made these cute Santa Ornaments from salt-dough hand prints of my kids for the whole family. They didn’t cost much (nothing even since I had everything at home already) but they are worth more than money could ever buy. It won’t really be a surprise for them since they will probably see them here already but I know they will be super happy to get them.

I love this craft for several reasons: it’s super fun to make, kids are involved, they make a perfect keepsake for the family, they look absolutely cute and as I said – the things you need to make them don’t cost much. Unfortunately this time I can’t say it’s a super quick diy but it’s the perfect holiday craft and fun for the whole family. I think I’ll make them every year just to track the growth of my two Santas! ;)

Santa Ornametns

So, to make these Santa hand-print Ornaments you need:

For the dough (to make the prints) for about 3 kid-size prints

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Santa Ornametns 2

1. Preheat the oven to 120 °C and line baking tray with baking paper
2. Mix flour and salt in the bowl then gradually add water, stirring until combined
3. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface, roll out until about 7mm thick and transfer to baking tray
4. Press your kiddo’s hands onto the dough and cut them out leaving about 2mm edge. You can make ornaments with the left-over dough, just use some nice cookie cutters
5. Use a knitting needle or a chop stick to make a hole at the top of the palm, about 1 cm from the top edge. This will be used to string the twine through
6. Bake for at least 3 hours, turning them once after 2 hours. You can easily leave them in longer or even over night!

Santa Ornametns

Now, for the fun part you need:

White, Red, Black and Skin Tone Acrylic Paint
Acrylic Gloss Varnish (optional)

Santa Ornametns 3

Santa Ornametns 4

Santa Ornaments

First paint the entire print white twice, waiting about an hour between coats
2. After the second one dries completely sketch the outline of the hat, the pom-pom and the face with a pencil
3. Draw a face (without the eyes, nose and mustache) and a hat (without the dots) using two coats again. But always remember to wait for about an hour in between! You probably have some red paint left so use that for the nose.
4. Now draw the fur on Santa’s hat and lastly the rest of the face (eyes and mustache) and the tiny dots on the hat. Leave to dry.
5. You can stop here and string the twine through the hole or you can seal the ornaments with two or more coats of Gloss Varnish, which will make the ornaments last for ages! Plus they look so much nicer with some extra gloss on them ;)

Tough Cookie: Beautiful Handmade Shoes and Baby Accessories

17 Dec

Tough Cookie

I can’t believe how many gems you can discover over the Instagram. Just yesterday I came across this Etsy boutique called Tough Cookie from Netherlands founded only two months ago by Yvonne. She and her boyfriend Daniel make the most darling baby goodies my eyes have seen in a long, long time.

They started out with a couple of pairs of leather moccs for her baby daughter Noëlle and they loved the work so much they decided to open up a boutique, which is now full of things like Crochet Hats, Leather Shoes and the cutest Leather Headpieces (I mean how cool is this leather feather headband?) all made by their own hands! How amazing?

Wooden Pullback Cars!

11 Dec

Tiger Tribe Pull Back Cars

I remember when I was a kid I loved pullback cars even though I was pretty girly toys wise. Those were the best, weren’t they? Such a simple toy but I could play with it for hours!

But back then they definitely didn’t look as chic as these do! These Wooden Pullback Cars from Tiger Tribe in Australia so I think they are currently only available in Australia, at least I couldn’t find any in Europe.
But UrbanBaby, an online boutique from Australia ships to Europe

Kukkia Pullback Cars

Then there are these equally beautiful Pull Back Cars from a Japanese brand Kiko+ by Kukkia that has the most amazing wooden toys I’ve ever seen! Most of their range is available from Abacus Kids

Sarah & Bendrix Delights

9 Dec

Sarah and Bendrix Xylophone Dog

Have you seen our Christmas Gift Guides? I truly love every single item from all three but there are a few new brands among them that I really want to present in separate posts.

Sarah and Bendrix

Like Sarah & Bendrix, a small design studio from United Kingdom founded by Veronika. They have the most amazing range of different delights I’ve seen in a while. My favorite is of course kid’s range, I immediately fell in love with their wooden toys – I want to get the Xylophone Pull Dog for Talan’s first Birthday. It’s something he can keep forever and I’m even thinking about getting it engraved.

Sarah and Bendrix

But I have my eyes also set on a few of their prints and their delicious Jewellery range – I mean how gorgeous is their porcelain necklace, the earrings and those sweet Bridesmaid bracelets?

And their prices are quite affordable in my opinion. This Gift Box full of beautiful toys made from sustainable birch wood costs £50 (about €76), which really isn’t bad at all, don’t you agree? And there is also a more humble one for £25 (about €30). Wouldn’t they make a perfect Christmas gift? ;)