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Wooden Wall Hooks from United Animals

29 Sep

United Animals Wall Hooks

I found these super cute wall hooks made from wood in a small toy boutique in Stuttgart the other day and I just couldn’t leave the store without them. The brand is United Animals from Germany but there’s not much to see on their homepage. Honestly it doesn’t really do them justice – I’ve seen these big size version of hooks (sooo cool!), bought the small ones and I have also seen their 100% cotton plush toys with natural fillings which are absolutely gorgeous as well and so soft!

United Animals Wall Hooks BJ

The small hooks cost from €6 on a piece and the bigger ones €14. I have found a few online retailers but the one that stocks the most is Reitsport Becker and Kinder Räume

Kirikí Press Embroidery Plushie Kits

26 Sep

Kirkí Press

I have so many things on my to-do list I plan to learn as soon as Talan starts nursery. One of them is to embroidery. And I found just the perfect thing to learn with. How cool are these Embroidered Doll Kits from Kirikí Press?

Kirikí Press Starter Kit

They include a pattern hand screen-printed on unbleached cotton, embroidery floss, eco-friendly stuffing and everything else you need to finish the toy except for the hoop, needles and scissors but you can get those in the starter kit.
Patterns come in three different skill levels and finished plushies are about about 13 cm tall.

There is also a free illustrated pdf booklet of stitches, tips and tricks for beginners you can download here.

Kits are available from Kirikí’s Etsy boutique and Hoop Haberdashery, their UK retailer. You can see the rest of the list of stockists here

Night Lights

24 Sep

Woodland Night Lights

Just before this summer Tila decided she can’t sleep without some kind of light source anymore. So at first we left the door slightly open each night but that wasn’t enough. Then she got a nightlight from her grandpa that you plug into a socket but we forgot to unplug it in the mornings so I decided to get her one that’s battery powered. I found these super darling woodland creatures over at ModCloth and she chose the bunny of course (it’s my favorite as well). I love that the light is really soft so it doesn’t light up the whole room and disturb the little one’s sleep. It is also made of porcelain, not plastic which is great but I’m just a little bit worried it might not survive our baby’s discovery phase.

Rabbit Night Light

But in case that happens I have already found a replacement – this super cute bunny made from plastic – how cute is it? I think I might need one too.

Ps. I noticed in the reviews that many people complain about the battery life but they last about a week and they are also selling really cheap over on Amazon

Il Pigiamino Shirt Pajamas

22 Sep

Il Pigiamino

There is hardly anything cuter in this world than a baby dressed up in cute baggy pajamas. That is the only thing I can almost certainly say we have too many. But who can resist buying just one more cute pair every time they shop. I can’t.
I just love that moment in the morning when I get to pick my baby boy up from his cot looking all cute in his comfy overall. I could leave him dressed like this the whole day.

Il Pigiamino

The founder of Italian sleepwear brand il Pigiamino for kids shares my feeling. Alessandra del Tufo wants her boy to be well-dressed at all times even when sleeping and found the gap in the market – shirt pajamas for babies and kids! And so the il Pigiamino was born. Their pajamas are made in Italy, in an old shirt company and the fabrics are hand picked by Alessandra herself from different textile companies.
There is a collection for girls, for boys, baby girls and the one that stole my heart –  for baby boys! I can just see my sweet boy in them.

Cachette boutique

19 Sep

I found this absolutely amazing French online boutique called Cachette and I don’t know whether to be happy or extremely worried. A little bit of both probably. Their range for kids is amazing! It’s full of rare, mostly vintage and/or recycled toys, room accessories and other bits and bobs and I want just every single one. Tila does. Ok, we do.

I don’t even know where to start. My favorites must be this beautiful swing made from recycled wood (just what I’m looking for our living room), the super cute cross-stitch kits, this vintage coloring set that I kind of want to get for myself and these two 50% alpaca and 50% merino wool hats that are currently half off – now say no to that! But take a look at the rest of the range yourself. And the bravest ones check out also the range for the rest of the house. I dare you to leave the store empy-handed!

Their shipping charges for EU start at €6 only. I am doomed!

PrintKlub: Bring Back Printed Photos!

17 Sep


I am trying to find the courage to organize all the photos on my computer, lap top and my phone – I have over 2500 on the phone only so believe me when I say it’s a project! I am the worst at organizing and printing them regularly. I’m only about 4 years behind. Nightmare I tell you.
But I did the first step and found a few great sites that do the printing. Who knew this thing became so versatile since the last time I did it?


I found this lovely site PrintKlub where you can have your Facebook and/or Instagram photos (that’s where we post our favorite photos anyway, right?) printed in an old-fashioned Polaroid-like photos (but they last much longer), on a poster with 35 square photos in a paperback photo book where you can also add likes and your favorite comments (cool or what?), in an old school photobooth style (I knew all those selfies would come useful one day) and my favorite – magnets! I love this idea and I think I might just use it for gifts in a couple of months… Our family would love them!

Photos are printed in France (Paris) and every single order is manually reviewed so they guarantee no defaults and they ship in 3-4 days.

I think I just got a little more excited about the organizing part now…

Faux Fur Bambi Chair

16 Sep

Bambi Chair

I received an email from EO Denmark, an outstanding design team to present me their newest creation, this darling Bambi Chair for kids and they wanted to know if I’d be interested in posting about it. It was love at first sight, yes but I was seriously hesitant about the fur. So I decided not to. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It is just so darn cute. Too cute to forget. And then I read all about it again and learned that the chair is actually made of Oak, Walnut wood and nylon, which is faux fur! It just looks so soft and fluffy it never crossed my mind it could be faux! How cool? The chair is the brainchild of Takeshi Sawada, a Japanese designer (you can see more of his marvelous designs here) and it’s handcrafted by EO Denmark.

Bambi Chair

I kind of wish they had some in my size now – it would make blogging sooo much more comfortable for me… *wink*

Available from Wannekes for €260 or if you wish to find your nearest retailer just send them an email to eo(at)

Indestructibles: Baby Books made with babies in mind!

11 Sep


I found out about Indestructibles a while ago before I was evenpregnant with Talan and I bought them as soon as he started using his hands. These baby books are actually made with babies in mind and can handle the chewing, the sucking, the folding, the crinkling, the wrinkling and even the washing – tried and tested them all! Unique ultra-durable tight woven material makes them indestructible. They are also free of toxins like BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead.
Each book contains 12 beautifully illustrated pages and their sizes (17×17 cm) are just perfect for the little baby hands.


Twelve different titles are available to buy from Amazon for £2.91 – £4.99 (ca. 3,5€ – 6€)

My new Crush: Maruti Gimlet Shoes

10 Sep

Maruti Gimlet

I’ve seen the most amazing shoes from a Dutch brand Maruti in Stuttgart the other day. Papa Bear immediately rolled his eyes but I just had to try them on – and let me tell you they were just the most comfortable shoes my feet have ever met. E-v-e-r! I literally felt like I was walking on clouds!

Maruti Gimlet

Maruti was founded in 2007 and they came out with this amazing design called Gimlet, a beautiful lightweight leather shoe made using cow hair on fine quality leather and available in almost 20 different prints. Perfect shoes for stylish mama’s always on the move, don’t you think?

Maruti Gimlet Kids

Every season they experiment with new materials and printing techniques and this year they have also added a little girl’s (although I know a few boys that could totally pull it off as well) line of Gimlet’s! We both sooo need a pair! Or two. But three would be perfect.

You can find your nearest retailer here or simply write them a letter ;)

ps. Last two photos courtesy of Life With Faye blog

Hi there, I’m back!

10 Sep


Who knew a “hyperactive” 5-year old and a super advanced 8-month-old would make it so hard to post regularly? But to be completely honest – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes it’s exhausting and yes the struggle to keep my eyes open begins every evening evening around 9pm and I feel like my to-do list is already piled up for the next couple of years but I am having the time of my life. I have the most precious baby boy that only knows how to smile and cuddle and the sweetest little girl that helps me out beyond my expectations! Looking at her just made me realize how fast times really flies and I decided to take a step back and enjoy the two of them for a while without worrying about anything else.

But in the meanwhile my Bookmarks bar got filled with great finds that I can’t wait to share. I will try to come back on track slowly but in the meanwhile you can also follow me via Instagram to see what we’re up too…

moyoh Natural Waldorf Dolls

28 Jul


Like just about any other girl Tila absolutely adores dolls and if I let her we’d buy one every time we left our house. Usually I’m strong enough to tell her she has more than enough already but when I see something as gorgeous as these moyoh dolls I fail.


These dolls are entirely made by hand in Germany, Berlin from natural materials only. They use pure cotton for the body and clothes, sheep wool for stuffing, mohair or cotton plush for their hair and merino sheep wool for their cutest little hats.

Dolls measure somewhere between 27 and 40 cm and it takes 7-14 days to have it done since each is made by order. On request it is possible to alter the color of the skin tone and hair.

Prices go from €80 up to €125, depending on the size.

Ps. Mamas with boys – do your little dudes own dolls? I know I’m starting to save up today so I can get him a boy doll like the one on the photo above!

Etsy Boutique: LalaKa Hand-knits

23 Jul


Hand knitted sweaters, hats, overalls, rompers, blankets, pillow and even toys – you name it I love it! They just look so cute and timeless plus they last long and feel comfortable. I wish I knew how to knit but until I don’t I’ll just have to keep looking for cute boutiques like LalaKa from Etsy. I think I’ll be a grandma by the time I learn how to make things as cute as Nora does. And I love she’s using natural fiber yarns like wool and cotton plus her price range is really budget friendly, don’t you think?

Mini Mocks: The Cutest Thing for Baby’s Feet!

21 Jul

Mini Mocs

Baby Talan is only 6 and a half months old and he’s not only crawling and sitting himself up but he’s also already trying to pull himself up and stand on his own two tiny feet! I am so not ready for this. I wish there was a formula for slowing time down. But I try to console myself with a fact that the sooner he starts to walk the sooner he’ll need shoes. Cute ones of course! Moccasins are the first ones on my list – firstly they look cute as heck, comfy as shoes can get and perfect to wear both inside and outside. There’s not much to think about really.

My heart skipped a bit last week when I spotted these ones from Mini Mocks over on Instagram. I mean how cool are they? I’m not even sure which ones I want the most! Maybe the “Jagged”. No Chippy! Or the “On the Visit”. “Pigeon”? Then how chic are those pacifier clips? And you can also get all the products stamped with the text of your choice!

Mini Mocks products are made by hand in Sweden and can be shipped worldwide

New! Balancing bench from IKEA

18 Jul

Balancing bench ikea 1

How great is this new balancing bench from Ikea? They must have had Tila in their minds while making it. There is nothing she loves more than balancing on fallen trees, big rocks, walls or just anything possible (or impossible) in fact. So this 140 cm bench made from birch plywood is more than perfect for her. Plus it can also serve as a bench that holds about 5 kids! Tila will love it!

Balancing bench ikea 2

Siriderma: the Perfect Solution for Baby Eczema

15 Jul


Soon after baby Talan was born he developed eczema all over the front of his body and on his cheeks. I was so sad to see him like this! I thought it was a rare condition but apparently not. Many babies have it and it usually goes away in the first year of their lives. There are many products on the market but a girl that doesn’t really approve medicine wanted to try with homemade remedies first. Coconut oil, olive oil, honey bath, goat milk bath, hemp oil, you name it and I’ve done it but nothing helped. Well, a mixture of coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil and beeswax helped a bit but not enough. So I finally decided to hit the pharmacy and demand something without alcohol, parabens, urea, perfumes or any other kind of nasty stuff. The super kind pharmacist suggested I try a cream from Siriderma, a family-run brand founded after having had suffered with different skin conditions themselves. I decided to try it out and only after a couple of days I noticed incredible results. His skin started to dry and peel only to reveal the perfect new skin underneath! There it was again – his perfect tummy, no more redness and rough skin on his hands, legs, elbows and cheeks! Happy baby, happy mama! Thank you kind pharmacist.

I was using Build Up Caring Cream Basis (Phase II) without fragrances (there is also a slightly scented version) and I l also gave him hemp oil-baths (I poured about two caps of organic hemp oil into his bath). I stopped with the cream after skin cleared, now I only use it for his cheeks because they get red and itchy from his saliva (this boy must have been a giant snail in his previous life!).

You can contact them to help you find your nearest retailer or simply order from their web shop