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Mrs. Mighetto Prints

27 May

Mr Mighetto

Thank to Instagram I just found the most incredible prints under the name mrs. Mighetto and I’m wondering how exactly did it take me so long to sniff them out. Malin Mighetto and Anna Sylvan from Sweden launched their first collection of watercolor prints last October and it was sold in last than two weeks. I can’t really say I’m surprised.

Mr Mighetto

Their prints are based on mystery and fantasy characters and they have the most amazing pallet of colors that appeal to both parents and kids.

Mr Mighetto

There are so many different kinds of prints for kids out there already but I’m almost sure you have never seen anything like these before.

Mr Mighetto

Oh we need Miss Martha, Ester and Mr Eric in our home. And di you see their bunting? We need that as well.

You can find your nearest retailer here

Very French Gangsters: Ice Cold Kids Sunglasses

19 May

Very French Gangsters

Tila has been wearing optical glasses since she was one year old and I was so happy when she turned three so I could finally buy her a pair from the Very French Gangsters. I still remember the day the we drove for about two hours to the nearest city with their retailer. And after that day I (and so many other people) can’t imagine her without these glasses. It’s funny how people immediately notice when she doesn’t have them on. She wears them everywhere and people recognize her after her “cool” glasses.

Very French Gangsters

But about a month ago a tragedy happened. I fixed the temple tips for Tila because she complained they bothered her and then she apparently wanted to show her friends from kindergarten what her glasses can do and she bent one temple way too much until it snapped off! We went to the eyewear store the same day but there was nothing they could do. Unrepeatable they said. And my heart broke in half seeing Tila so devastated. I have never thought they meant that much to her. Even the lady at the store felt bad. She said she never saw a child so sad over a pair of eyeglasses.

Very French Gangsters

So I wrote to the Very French Gangsters directly to try and find out if there is really nothing to do. And they confirmed. But then they did the sweetest thing ever! They sent Tila a brand new frame! You should see how happy that made one little girl. She was so excited and relieved, much more than me! So sweet.

I wanted to thank the Very French Gangsters for the sweetest gesture and I also made a few shots of Tila with her new and shiny frame – so sorry for bombarding you with these many photos but this girl is so photogenic that I couldn’t just pick one. I took me so long to come down to only these many already.

Very French Gangsters

And for those of you who don’t know the French Gangsters yet: the brand was founded in 2011 in France by Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger with an aim to fill in the gap in the cool kid’s eyewear market. They have the most incredible range of high quality handmade optical and sunglasses for both kids (from 3 to 14 years of age) and their mamas as well now! My heart still beats for the Very Pan Pan model (the one Tila has) but I’m also getting a giant crush on the Very Boss (they come in two kid’s sizes) – I could match her with the Big Bosses 😉

ps. Tila came up with the “crossed hands” pose herself – how cool is the photo? It’s one of favourites!

Food Preserving Caps: Food Huggers!

21 Apr


I have always wondered what other people do with the half finished fruits and veggies. I usually wrap them in a plastic wrap, which is bad for both the environment and us as the PVC the wrap is made of is toxic and can transfer into food.


So while I was looking for better alternatives I came across these reusable silicone food caps called Food Huggers. Their patented designs fit to snuggle around fruits and vegetables in order to keep them fresh with an airtight seal.

Food Huggers

They come in different sizes and shapes to fit different types of food. You can also use them to airtight different size jars – what a clever solution for those who misplace lids all the time (I raise my hand first!).

The silicone is 100% FDA certified and BPA and phthalate free. It is also dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.

Food Huggers come in three different size sets and each costs $9.99 (about €9 or £7) and shipping costs for Europe go from $5.37 (€5/£3.50) up

Senz: Umbrellas That Won’t Turn Inside Out!

7 Apr

Senz Umbrella

We had the worst weather the whole last week: rain and wind. And I’m not talking about those mild showers and gentle winds I’m talking about the in-your-face rain and the umbrella-turning kind of wind. Every single day. From Monday through Saturday. And just when I was struggling to keep my umbrella alive it stroked me I totally forgot to share (and get me one of) these! Have you ever noticed how useless umbrellas are when the wind is blowing? Especially if you carry something in your other hand? You always have to decide on who’d you like to save: either the umbrella from turning around and consequently you or the item(s) in your either hand. And when it’s the pushchair in your other hand the winner is obvious and so is the wet looser.

Senz Umbrellas

But! In one of my magazines (I’m sorry I forgot which one, but there are just too many of them) I spotted this crazy looking umbrella from a Norwegian brand called Senz that, thanks’ to its earodinamic shape, supposedly withstands even the strongest wind – up to 100km/h! Three Dutch students designed it out of frustration and they have tested them by maxing out wind tunnels and jumping with the umbrellas out of airplanes and they always stayed in-shape (literally). You can see their video here.

They have five different models going from €30 – €60 to fit all price ranges and they all come with a 1-year warranty even on missing parts!

I always loved quirky looking umbrellas, I have this one from Lisbeth Dahl at the moment (or until it turns inside out), and I just wish it had the same capabilities as Senz umbrellas

Frankey’s: Unique Handmade Kids Clothesand more

25 Mar


I love tiny boutiques with small stocks and unique collections. They usually have the cutest pieces and it’s a special kind of feeling owning something that only a few more other people might.

I recently came across Frankey’s, an online kids boutique founded and ran by Vanessa Blimer and Karina Sandvliet. They have the cutest range of clothes, shoes, accessories and prints for kids from birth and up to about 4 years.

Besides their online boutique, their collection is also available from these retailers

Sew Heart Felt Rugs and More

24 Feb

Sew Heart Felt Rugs

How amazing are these animal rugs from Sew Heart Felt? We absolutely need the donkey or the badger in our lives! No need to worry, these are faux! They are actually made from organic wool. The entire collection is designed in England by Sonia Spencer and made by women across the world with a wet felting technique where the wool is being shaped with soap, water and hand pressure. The rugs measure about 110 x 65 cm and if you were wondering; yes they ship worldwide!

Sew Heart Felt Slippers

Sew Heart Felt Hand Puppets

Sew Heart Felt Beach Donkeys

And while you’re there you should also explore the rest of their darling range. My favorites are the felt slippers (they make them in adult sizes as well!), hand puppets and the Blackpool beach donkeys. So cute!

the Perfect Place to Save Your Recipes in: Recipe Boxes

20 Feb

Riffle Paper Co Tin Recipe Box

My husband and I we love to cook. And over the years we accumulated a few very good recipes and we usually write them on small pieces of paper and put them on our fridge. But we just talked about how unorganized they are and how easily could they get lost – especially with (now) two sets of hands playing with the magnets (and consequently the recipes) on the fridge all the time.
We have already tried to re-write them into a notebook but that isn’t really working out for us. I think there must be three different notebooks out there already each containing a few recipes which is even worse than what we’re doing now. But now I think I have found the perfect solution for us; a recipe box with cards to write recipes on! Simple as it sounds.

Pleased to Meet Recipe Boxes

Pleased to Meet Recipe Cards

I have found these beautiful ones made of hard cardboard from Pleased to Meet that come in four different gorgeous colors. My favorites are french grey and petrol. Boxes come pre-equipped as a starter kit with 30 recipe cards and dividers.

Riffle Paper Co Wood Recipe Box

Riffle Paper Co Tin Recipe Boxes

Riffle Paper Co Recipe Cards

I also love recipe boxes from Riffle Paper Co. They have wooden and tin ones and they come with 12 letterpress dividers and 24 Recipe Cards and you can also buy those separately, there are six different kinds to choose from.

Wouldn’t they also make a great wedding gift?

Star Suits and Shark Sacs from Baby Bites

18 Feb

Baby Bites Shark Sac1

The winter is harsh here in our area this year and for the last few weeks Talan has no choice but to stay faithful to one outfit only – the snow suit! I’m really glad I love it so I’m not fed up with it (just yet). But if it looked anything like the snow suits from Baby Bites I think we’d turn off the heat at home just so he could wear them there as well!

Baby Bites Star Suit
Baby Bites Star Suit
Baby Bites Star Suit

I mean, how outrageously cute are their Star Suits ? And what about their Shark Sleeping Bags that can also be installed into prams by threading harness straps through holes in their backrest? Ay ay ay I almost wish winter would last longer this year…

If you’re not completely over the moon over their Suits and Sleeping Bags already I can assure you to become as soon as you see some in-action photos on their Facebook. Literally too cute to handle!

Clean, Strong and Stylish: Snap Bibs!

21 Jan

Snap Bibs

I’ve been trying to find the perfect bib for a long time now. No success yet. They are either not the easiest to clean, take a bit too long to dry or just too easy to pull off (does that drive you off too?)! I used to like the pocket bibs but that thing is so nasty especially if you forget to empty it out for a few days which happened to me quite a few times. A few too many.

So just when I almost gave up on finding “the one” and simply started using old tea towels I discovered Snap Bibs via Instagram. I think these might actually really work.

Snap Bibs

Almost five years ago Katie Lewis, a mom of then baby girl that just started with solids had the same bib issues as I am having now and created the first Snap Bib, loved it, opened up an Etsy store to see if someone else will too and she soon couldn’t keep up with the orders that’s how popular they became. And no wonder! Snap Bibs promise to be leak and pull proof, easy to clean (you can just wipe them off or rise real quickly in the sink) and look super stylish.

They are made of thick but soft and flexible PVC, come in two sizes (small and large) and there are 12 different colors at the moment

Wood Sunglasses from Woodzee

19 Jan


We were all so excited when Tila received these cool pair of sunglasses from Woodzee. They look and feel amazing and they fit perfectly. Now me and Papa Bear want our own pairs too! They have the most amazing range of eyeglasses (both sunglasses and optical glasses) but there is so much more to this company you need to know.

Woodzee was founded in 2011 in California and they are completely devoted to the preservation and restoration of our natural environment and promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature.
Their products are made from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials only and their packages of 50% recycled paper and printed with Soy Ink. They also came up with this great idea of including their costumers into their well-doing. When you buy a product from them you get to choose a continent where you want them to plant a tree. And they do it. They plan to go even further soon by having you pick a non-profit organization at the checkout to which they’ll donate a part of profit to.


Tila’s sunglasses are made from recycled water buffalo horn and from the most gorgeous striped wood called zebrawood. Lenses of course provide 100% protection from UV rays. All of their glasses come in microfiber pouch and recycled paper box printed with soy ink.

Ps. When you’re ready to recycle your pair of Woodzees you can simply send them back to them (broken or not) and they’ll either be donated to a person in need or recycled and you’ll get a 40% off code in return. How cool is that?

Currently they have some of the most amazing models on sale and with code END25 you get and additional 25% off! Do I need to say more?

Tough Cookie: Beautiful Handmade Shoes and Baby Accessories

17 Dec

Tough Cookie

I can’t believe how many gems you can discover over the Instagram. Just yesterday I came across this Etsy boutique called Tough Cookie from Netherlands founded only two months ago by Yvonne. She and her boyfriend Daniel make the most darling baby goodies my eyes have seen in a long, long time.

They started out with a couple of pairs of leather moccs for her baby daughter Noëlle and they loved the work so much they decided to open up a boutique, which is now full of things like Crochet Hats, Leather Shoes and the cutest Leather Headpieces (I mean how cool is this leather feather headband?) all made by their own hands! How amazing?

An Ode to the Best SnotSucker on the Market: NoseFrida!

28 Nov


We’ve all switched rounds being sick in the last month. Even I succumbed and I (almost) never get sick. And it was baby Talan’s very first cold – something I really wasn’t looking forward to. The trickiest and one of the most difficult parts for me is keeping the nose clear. I think I must have had the worst snot-sucking thingies (I think they’re called aspirators) in the world because even when I almost sucked the soul out of my kids, the snot stayed. I did manage to get some out, but definitely nothing that was worth all the kicking, screaming and the crying that came with.

I think I changed more than five already but I decided to give it one more try and bought the one with the best reviews on Amazon. It’s called NoseFrida and it’s made in Sweden. And guess what? It works! Yes, it actually really does its job and with half less drama. I think the tip (the part that goes in the nose) must be just the right size and form so it makes some sort of a vacuum when you start the “process”. And the plastic the aspirator is made of is much softer than the rest so it doesn’t harm their super sensitive nose tissue (Tila’s nose bled almost every time after I tried to clean her nose when she was a baby :( – I wish I had this snot sucker back then already!).

I truly can’t praise this thing enough it’s definitely one of the top must-have’s for babies and small kids, especially for this time of the year. You can buy it from Amazon (COM, UK, DE, FR) or

Is there something you swear by? A natural remedy that helps you and your family getting through colds?

WOW! Collégien Tights and Socks

10 Nov


We’re huge fans of Collégien at our house; we all own at least a pair except for the papa – sadly his feet are far too huge for them. But Tila is their devoted customer ever since her very first pair (about 3.5 years ago). Even we buy slippers from another brand we always have to have at least a pair of Collégiens as well. Have you seen their latest designs of slipper socks? Oh-my-dear! I have to stop visiting their site so often…

Collégien Sock Slippers

Collégien Sock Slippers

A few years ago they have also added a range of tights and socks. I’m not even going to start on their delicious colors that go so well with any kind of clothes but the material and the design are just out of this world.

Collégien Tights

Collégien Tights

Collégien Tights

Their ribbed tights are made of long-fiber Egyptian cotton and a tiny bit of Lycra, which makes them super soft and incredible comfy. And the features I love the most are the elasticated waist that makes the tights actually stay up even during the active play, which we tested, and the comfortable toes seams. Does only my girl complain over them? We had to get rid of almost all of the high street brand tights but these don’t bother her at all! She didn’t even have to fix it or anything (which she usually does). These must be the best tights on the market. Even papa was impressed – with the tights! And you can just imagine how much he gives a damn about girl tights usually.

Collégien Knee Socks

I also love the socks. The material is the same as the tights and these are the second pair baby T can’t take off (so easily). They hold on really well and don’t stretch out at all during the day!

Don Fisher Fish Bags

5 Nov

Don Fisher

How utterly cute are these fish bags? I have not seen anything so original and adorable in a very long time. Even the interior features the most genius print of a fish skeleton so when you open them up they look just like the real fish. How cool?

Don Fisher

They come in three different sizes and there are endless possibilities of use but you can find some very smart ideas on their Facebook page. The little ones come in handy as coin or key purses (you can even choose if you’d like to have a keychain inside or not), the medium ones act perfectly as pencil cases and the biggest one can be used as clutch or cosmetic bags for instance.

Bags are handmade in Barcelona, Spain and can be ordered from their web store or via Etsy

Ring-Rings ID Wristbands Just in Case…

16 Oct


If you’ve never been a fan of rubber wristbands (like me) get ready to become one (just like I did)!

Tila is one of those kids that can’t stay still for a long time and wants to see and check up close every single thing! I always have one eye set on her wherever we go but even that sometimes just isn’t enough. Last week she and her two “schoolmates” (boys!) decided to take a little tour on their own in the woods. They spent their day there and when they wanted head back to school one of the teachers ordered them to grab their backpacks but they decided to prolong the trip on their own! Of course the teachers found them right away but it could have ended differently. I didn’t know weather to be angry, sad or just scared when they told me what has happened. I think I was a little bit of everything.

Kids get lost every day and many of them don’t even know how to pronounce their last name much less their home address or their parents phone numbers. Tila sure doesn’t and that’s where her Ring-Rings ID wristbands with our telephone number engraved come in handy. I have ordered two (one with my and one with my husbands number on it) and each in different colors. She has them on every time we leave the house just in case… I hope she’ll never need to use them though.

Ring-Rings come in several different bright but kid-friendly colors and in two different sizes (smaller one for toddlers and small kids and one for kids between 4 and 9 years). You can get a name of the child or who to call (or just something like “call”, “mama”, “papa” etc. engraved along with the telephone number