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Beautiful Prints from Poppy & Hester

19 Jun

Poppy & Hester

I received the sweetest email from Kate Alsanjak, a designer of Poppy & Hester children wear as she wanted to present me her lovely collection and she also kindly sent a few pieces for Tila to try out and needless to say we both love them!

Poppy & Hester

Poppy & Hester

I can’t get over the gorgeous colorful Multi Block Print Top and the lovely Coral Stars Top with the sweetest frill detail.

Poppy & Hester

She has also sent Tila these sweet Bow Hairclips that go perfectly on her little side buns and make her look deceivingly sweet and peaceful and the softest and most gorgeous Cardigan made from bamboo and lambs wool I’d love to own.

You should also check their other two darling Agnes Ruffle Tops and this Ada Skirt – isn’t it beautiful? And look at this little girl in their violet Flowers Print Dress – couldn’t you just eat her up?

Poppy and Harry is all about beautiful, fun but practical clothing for girls between 6 months and 8 years. They are committed to being ethnical as possible and they use only the best materials like organic cotton and an extra soft blend of bamboo and wool and they even have their fabric designs printed in the UK. Rare but so appreciated features in this kind of business today

Sale at Elias & Grace!

15 Jun

Elias & Grace SS15 Sale

The summer didn’t even start yet but the sales have already began – could that sound any more perfect? I just got an email from Elias & Grace, only one of (not just) my favorite kid’s boutiques.

Elias & Grace SS15 Sale

Elias & Grace SS15 Sale

I love how fabulously they put together the most amazing Lookbooks every season I seriously want to get each look for my kids. And when they announce their sales I get even more vulnerable – I’m almost thankful for a certain someone hovering over me while trying to rob their entire sale section!

Elias & Grace SS15 Sale

So Elias & Grace Spring-Summer reductions have started both in their online store as well as in store with all the way up to 70%! Their sale applies on all SS15 kids and babies collections, from labels like Pèpè, Petit Bateau, Miller, Bobo Choses and many, many more! If I were I’d hurry up. I did 😉

The Perfect Summer Dresses from Oliver Baby and Kids

9 Jun

Oliver Baby and Kids

I’m so in love with the summer and the darling dresses! Whenever I think about the summer I imagine Tila in simple floral dresses with the most darling cap sleeves. Just like these from Oliver Baby and Kids.

Oliver Baby and Kids

This London based brand is ran and owned by sisters Emma and Alice and they design all pieces after their childhood inspirations.

Oliver Baby and Kids

I am absolutely in love with their dresses, playsuits, trousers and tops and you will be too when you see their collection! Absolutely beautiful. And the best part is their pieces come in sizes from 0 and up to 10 years! And they also haven’t forgotten about the boys! Hurray!

COS: H&M’s chicer sister with much better performance

5 Jun

COS girls

Do you know COS, the upscale sister brand of H&M already? I love their simple, contemporary and even a little quirky designs and also their quality is much, much better than her high street brand sister’s. They have clothes and accessories for men, women and children from 1 to 8 years.

COS boys

There are few pieces that come at a tiny higher price ranges (but still affordable) but I buy their t-shirts for Tila (and now first time for Talan) regularly and they are one of the most quality pieces she owned! She wears them to school and to playgrounds and they must have been washed hundreds of times and they could still easily be handed down. And their designs are always super comfy too!

I Adore Little Feet: Comfort and Support Without Compromising the Style!

2 Jun

I Adore Little Feet

Nicole from I Adore Little Feet sent Talan the most darling pair of shoes from an Italian brand Zecchino d’Oro and I wanted to show you a few photos of him proudly showing them off. Aren’t they too cute? He loves them and even my husband was amazed over their quality. I love how soft and comfortable they are, absolutely perfect for the tiny baby feet!

I Adore Little Feet

I posted on this lovely shoe boutique already but in case you haven’t seen it there are few things you should know about the I Adore Little Feet: the shop was founded by Nicole and Nick, parents of twins with an aim to enable an online place where parents wouldn’t have to worry about finding the proper support and comfort when searching for kids shoes. You can trust that each and every brand and model was handpicked by them and by their high criteria.

I Adore Little Feet

I Adore Little Feet

The brands you’ll find at I Adore Little Feet are Ocra, ‎PèPè, MAÁ, Naturino, Zecchino d’Oro and more. In order for you not to worry choosing the wrong size for your little one they also have their own sizing guide available to download but if you’re like me and likes to double check everything you can simply email them for guidance

Fun Leggings For Boys and Girls from Tiger Nooks Design

29 May

Tiger Nook Design

Before I had my baby boy I thought it’s much harder to find cute pieces for boys than girls. But now I see how wrong I actually was. There are so many outfit options and one of my favorites is cute printed leggings matched with a plain single-colored top.

Tiger Nook Design


Like these from Tiger Nook Designs from Emma, a mom of two boys, for example. How ridiculously cute are their leggings and shorts?! And just hop over to her Instagram account to see how darling they look on real models 😉 Talan’s skinny legs need to put on display with their Panda Shorts and Teepee Leggings immediately

Angle: Crème de la crème of Rain Boots!

22 May


I can’t believe how much my kids have grown in the past year. I just bought them a whole new wardrobe less than six months ago but nothing fits them anymore! They’ve both had a massive growth spurt so this mama is going to have to forget about any new summer pieces for herself ‘cause all my pennies are going into their wardrobe.


And I’m currently at raingear. It’s raining like crazy here for the last few weeks and Tila is complaining about her current rain boots being to small. Of course.
We’ve been faithful fans of Aigle’s for about four years now and we’re staying ones. I’ve tried a couple other brands (not sure why) but they always started to leak at some point. Aigle boots – never! It must be because they are handcrafted.


And although I love their iconic one-color boots the most, Tila of course prefers prints. She currently has them in Liberty Pink print but I have my eyes set on their newest Rain Drops. The raindrops are actually white but isn’t it the coolest idea painting them yourself? I love it!

Ps. They also have the most beautiful adult line, make sure to take a tour around the shop!

Blue Jane Clothing Co.

20 May

Blue Jane Clothing Co

My favorite summer pieces for Tila must be dresses. They are not only super convenient as they take the least time to dress but they can also be so easily mixed and matched with all kinds of different shoes and cute cardigans. And when you find the cutest one like these from Blue Jane Clothing Co you’ll want to avoid any kind of extra layers of clothing!

Blue Jane Clothing Co

Blue Jane Clothing Co

Danielle Colby from South Carolina, US is the goldenfinger behind it all as she’s the one that handcrafts all the pieces you can find in her Bigcartel boutique. I honestly have the hardest time deciding on my favorite pieces but the selection above had me at hello!

Rylee + Cru

28 Apr

Rylee + Cru

I have the Rylee + Cru in my bookmarks for quite some time now and I just went to take a little peek at their new collection and was blown away! I think I love every single thing. Noy only their clothes but also the prints and the cutest little shout backpack – I want it all!

Rylee + Cru

Rylee + Cru

The company is the brainchild of a Canadian illustrator Kelli Murray who was inspired by her own kids and wanted to design a unique artistic collection for kids aged 0 – 2 and offer comfortable shapes and soft fabrics that make dressing easy for the little one and his mama!

Rylee + Cru

Rylee + Cru

Her clothes are hand-dyed and made locally in California

Clotaire Shoes: High Quality but Affordable!

27 Apr


I’m shopping for summer shoes for Tila and I stumbled upon Clotaire, a French brand founded by Violaine Belle-Croix and Elsa Vernet with an aim to create well-designed and reasonably priced children’s shoes without the common but so unnecessary tacky details. Their shoes are hand manufactured in Portugal and exclusively sold in their Internet boutique.

I absolutely adore their timeless designs and have already put a few models on my need-to-buy list. And just when I wanted to say that I wish they came in my size I discovered most of them actually do! How amazing is that?

New Nadadelazos SS15 and a Huge Sale on Their Previous Collections

9 Apr

Nadadelazos SS15

I won’t even start on how amazing the new collection from Nadadelazos is. Simply because pictures speak louder than words. I love their simple, fun and so kids appealing prints and colors just perfect for the summer.

And the thing I love the most is that their clothes fit for several years. I still have a few pieces left from their first collection that I bought for Tila and even though they have been worn and washed a lot they still look like new. Most of them are waiting on Talan and there is one pair of pants she actually still wears! So a brand definitely worth the investment!

And all their previous collections are reduced by 50% or more, did you know that? I have already robbed most of their stocks. Have you seen baby T in their Leaf Jumpsuit already?

Piupia: New Spring/Summer Collection and SALE

30 Mar

Piupia tee and shorts

Have you seen the new spring/summer Piupia collection already? I seriously don’t understand how they do it but every single collection of theirs is so different (and even cuter) than their last one! They don’t really have signature styles or patterns (expect for their brand logo, the Piupia chick) they just surprise us with a brand new range every single time. I love that and I’m always so excited and very impatient to see what are they cooking up next.

Piupia sale

I just went to check their site last week and couldn’t resist grabbing some stuff off of their sales shelves! I’m just so so mad at myself for missing their leggings and and onesies (do you rembember them?) – they are all gone! All! Arrgh!

Piupia Skirt

Talan got this cute sweater and I can’t wait to show it to you – do check my Instagram *wink wink*. But I think we need more pieces from them before the summer. I can just see him in their super darling culottes (how cute is this word? I could say it all day long!) and their mexican inspired tees and what about this donkey vest? I could literally have every single item from this collection. The only thing that bothers me is that Tila is too big for their Donkey Skirt already. What a pitty.

Frankey’s: Unique Handmade Kids Clothesand more

25 Mar


I love tiny boutiques with small stocks and unique collections. They usually have the cutest pieces and it’s a special kind of feeling owning something that only a few more other people might.

I recently came across Frankey’s, an online kids boutique founded and ran by Vanessa Blimer and Karina Sandvliet. They have the cutest range of clothes, shoes, accessories and prints for kids from birth and up to about 4 years.

Besides their online boutique, their collection is also available from these retailers

Popelin: High Quality and Comfortable Kids Clothes from Spain

9 Mar


If I had to choose only one favorite piece of clothing for boys (or babies in general) it would definitely be a romper suit. I absolutely adore them. When Talan was a small baby (I still consider him a baby, but now he’s a big one) I dressed him up in them all the time; matched with a simple onesie and a pair of ribbed tights.


It’s not so easy to find them in sizes over 12 months though. But I managed to find this absolutely amazing Spanish brand Popelin founded in late 2013 by two mothers Cris and Gelen who don’t only have the cutest romper suits that would fit Talan but they have the most amazing collection of vintage inspired clothes for babies and small kids in general.


And the two of them don’t only design the entire collection but they actually carry out the whole process from as early as a sketch to the pattern and even the final step; the production is executed by the two of them in their own small atelier in Murcia in Spain! And needless to say they give great effort into producing high quality pieces designed with kids that need comfort in mind.


I am absolutely and entirely head over heels for every single piece from their range the only thing that bums me out is the fact Tila wouldn’t fit in any of their designs since their clothes only come in sizes up to 4 years! That needs to change. But in the mean while Talan needs at least one romper suit and that cute cute summer hat!

Sew Heart Felt Rugs and More

24 Feb

Sew Heart Felt Rugs

How amazing are these animal rugs from Sew Heart Felt? We absolutely need the donkey or the badger in our lives! No need to worry, these are faux! They are actually made from organic wool. The entire collection is designed in England by Sonia Spencer and made by women across the world with a wet felting technique where the wool is being shaped with soap, water and hand pressure. The rugs measure about 110 x 65 cm and if you were wondering; yes they ship worldwide!

Sew Heart Felt Slippers

Sew Heart Felt Hand Puppets

Sew Heart Felt Beach Donkeys

And while you’re there you should also explore the rest of their darling range. My favorites are the felt slippers (they make them in adult sizes as well!), hand puppets and the Blackpool beach donkeys. So cute!