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Cute Indoor Ballerinas from Pèpè at I Adore Little Feet

31 Oct


I wrote about this adorable online shoe boutique called I Adore Little Feet here already but there is something you need to see, especially if you have a little girl at home. How crazy cute are these Indoor Ballerinas from Pèpè they just added to their already gorgeous range? I’m so sad to see they only have them in sizes up to EU 30, Tila would die for a pair but she’s already a size 32 – soon we’ll be able to share shoes!
What I love about Pèpè shoes (besides being one of the most quality shoes on the market) is that they are wider than most of kids shoes. I often have problems finding the right shoes for my girl just because they are too narrow, especially the Mary Janes she loves so much. I think I want Talan to have a pair of Pèpè’s for his first shoes.

Tootsa MacGinty Cushions

28 Oct

Tootsa MacGinty Tapestry Cushions

I have always loved the super cute animal Knit Jumpers and Tops from Tootsa MacGinty and now they have also added the most darling line cushions I’ve seen! The Tapestry cushions are a product of collaboration with Valvy Lévy-Debussy, a talented textile designer from France where each cushion is also handcrafted by order so it takes a few days to dispatch. Each costs £90 (ca. €115)

Cashmere Cushions Tootsa Macginty

Then there is also a limited Christmas edition of gorgeous cashmere and wool blend cushions that come with high quality duck feather inserts. Each costs £45 (ca. €57)

Ps. How cute are the Panda and Bear baseball T-shirts? I need them for Talan!

The New Collection from Piupia: As Cute as Can be!

21 Oct

Piupia Talan2

Piupia Talan

Have you seen Piupia’s the latest collection? I’ve been their fan since their first one but their current pieces are just ridiculous! Ridiculously cute I mean. Talan received this super darling Rain Jumper and the matching Rain Hat and I would make him wear them all the time if I could or if he wouldn’t be drooling all over his clothes like a… well… a baby! But he needs more. Ok, I do. For him.

Piupia AW14

Something like their Furry Leggings (in ALL four colors). And they also have the most adorable Animal Bodysuits to match those cute Leggings. Now, I just realized my poor baby boy doesn’t own a Layered Onesie and the temperatures are dropping all the way down to 8°C this week (!) so he needs something as cute warm as this, right?

Piupia Bear Dress

Do you have a baby girl? Try to look away from these two Bear Dresses! They almost make me want to dress Talan up in one. Would that make me a bad mother? If I made sure he’d never find out I did it?

If you don’t know about Piupia already you should know that all their garments are made from 100% organic cotton and produced under high quality standards and with locally produced materials to ensure only the best and the most gentle for your baby’s delicate skin. The brand is based in London and all the cute graphics are made by Claudia Carvalho, the owner of Piupia

Smart Bamboo One-Piece from Panda and the Sparrow

15 Oct

Panda and the Sparrow Baby Grow

Didn’t I just say that baby Talan has enough of pajamas for a while? Well apparently he needed just one more pair! But I just couldn’t resist this one from Panda and the Sparrow for a few good reasons. For a start it’s made of bamboo and organic cotton that make this sweet one-piece super light, breathable, soft and thermo regulating.

Panda and the Sparrow

And what I love about it the most are the super smart fold-back hands and cuffs that can be slipped over and cover those tiny hands and feet which is such a handy feature especially during the upcoming cold winter nights and especially if you have a baby that pulls off all the socks like mine does!

Plus you get some extra months of wear if your baby starts to outgrow the length of the footies (that must be the reason why they’re called Baby Grows). And the mitten feature is an absolute must-have for the newborns since these must be the only kinds of mittens in the world that are impossible for babies to take off.

ps. Isn’t this colour combination just the coolest one you’ve seen? It kind of reminds me of the footies from the 80′s

Winter Jackets from Imps & Elfs Half Off at Cup of Milk!

10 Oct

Imps & Elfs Jacket Talan

I’ve been on the hunt for a warm jacket for Talan and finally decided on this one from Imps&Elfs. It’s super light but since it’s filled with down feather it is also very warm. I wanted in their last year’s green and I have found it on sale in this darling online boutique from Italy called Cup of Milk (you have to see the photos of their store on Instagram!).

They still have a few jackets left in green and orange (the colors on their photos don’t really match but you can see the green one on the photo above and the orange looks more like this one). They are currently half off (now €39.50) and there are many sizes between 68 and 152 still left.

The only part I was not crazy about is their shipping rates for countries outside Italy since it costs €15 but the jacket came in two days so that kind of justifies it.

BAM! Nadadelazos AW14 Collection

7 Oct

Nadadelazos AW14 BJ

Oh I have such a soft spot for Nadadelazos, the Spanish kids brand around since 2011! I’ve been their number one fan since their very first collection. After a year-long pause last year they came back with a bang this spring and yet again they managed to outdo themselves! Their new AW14 collection is more gorgeous than ever! I love how effortlessly cool their pieces look and how easy it is to mix and match them with just about anything. And don’t even get me started on their extremely comfortable designs!

Nadadelazos AW14 BJ2

What I also love about their pieces is that you can easily buy them a size larger and simply roll up jumper sleeves or pant legs and extend the life on clothes this way without compromising on the style!

One of my favorite brands for sure and I bet you feel the same

Who doesn’t love the Knits?

6 Oct


I’m not much of a winter person. I get cold really fast and then I dress so much that I can hardly bend my knees and elbows under all those layers so I look like a penguin when walking – just imagine me trying to sit down!
But there are some things that make me almost look forward to that time of the year. Like roasted chestnuts, Christmas of course, playing in the snow and all those gorgeous knits! I love everything knitted and I wish I knew how to do it. Maybe I should find out if there are some knitting classes nearby. But until I do I’ll just stick to my own talents and let people that actually know what they’re doing do it. I have a huge crush on three brands selling knitted delights:

BabyDEGEN is a brainchild of a super talented designer Lindsay Degen. She can handle those knitting needles from as early as since she was three (yes, this is not a typo!) and after the launch of her first adult line of sweaters, leggings and shoes in 2012 the success was so huge that she had no choice but to embark on a baby line as well. And here it is, baby DEGEN!
This must be the most gorgeous line of knitted vests, pants, sweaters, cardigans, bloomers, shoes and socks I have ever seen. Her choice in mix of colors, patterns and little quirky details is just so unique and delicious it makes me want to get each and every single piece! I don’t remember the last time I had such hard time choosing my favorite ones.
Yarns she’s using are merino or a mix of merino and cotton. Everything is handmade and custom made so it takes about 2 weeks to produce.

Cabbages and Kigs

The other brand I love, Cabbages and Kigs is also from New York but since they are strong believers and supporters of fair trade work they have their winter accessories hand made in Peru and Bolivia by local artisans. They also love bold color combinations and unique designs that make even the coldest winters seem fun! Everything is made from alpaca blend wool.

Misha and Puff

Misha and Puff knits are also handmade by Peruvian artisans but their collection is more about soft and muted colors which are actually their own custom pallets since they hand dye their own wool! Their designs have a more vintage feel with a bit of a modern twist.
Their yarns are 100% merino wool that can be machine-washed!

Raspberry Plum: Fun, Vintage, Stylish and Comfy

3 Oct

Raspberry Plum

I noticed these cool girl tights and socks from Raspberry Plum over at 1965 Kids and I couldn’t understand how I haven’t heard about this London-based brand before! It’s new, that’s why!

Its founder is Aleksandra Stasic, born in Serbia but has moved to London as a child where she gratuated at a prestigious Royal College of Art. The Raspberry Plum ethos is a mix of vintage, quirky, timeless and comfortable pieces made from high quality knitted fabrics, when possible organic.

They decided to have their collection manufactured in Serbia to help re-establish their apparel industry which has suffered greatly over the past 20 years. Raspberry Plum leaves absolutely nothing to chance – even their packaging is made from recycled materials and in order to maintain a low carbon footprint they make sure to keep their production within Europe.

Raspberry Plum

They have started out with a line for girls between ages of 1-12 but you can already see their SS15 collection which is full of amazing pieces for boys and babies too!

ps. Everything is 25% off until the end of this week only with a code 21324677!

Etsy Find: Double Yellow Line

1 Oct

Double Yellow Line

How fun is this Montreal-based brand called Double Yellow Line from Etsy for kids between 6 months and 4 years? All the garments are made from organic cotton and the prints they future are hand-drawn by the owner, Chantale Grenon and hand printed with a silkscreen method using non-toxic water based inks.

I can’t even decide on my favorite design but I bet this adorable Egg Dress matched with the Scribbles Leggins look super cool! And I can just see baby Talan in the Abracadabra tee and the b&w Scribble Leggins! And there are also matching baby doll leggings I know Tila would die for!

Il Pigiamino Shirt Pajamas

22 Sep

Il Pigiamino

There is hardly anything cuter in this world than a baby dressed up in cute baggy pajamas. That is the only thing I can almost certainly say we have too many. But who can resist buying just one more cute pair every time they shop. I can’t.
I just love that moment in the morning when I get to pick my baby boy up from his cot looking all cute in his comfy overall. I could leave him dressed like this the whole day.

Il Pigiamino

The founder of Italian sleepwear brand il Pigiamino for kids shares my feeling. Alessandra del Tufo wants her boy to be well-dressed at all times even when sleeping and found the gap in the market – shirt pajamas for babies and kids! And so the il Pigiamino was born. Their pajamas are made in Italy, in an old shirt company and the fabrics are hand picked by Alessandra herself from different textile companies.
There is a collection for girls, for boys, baby girls and the one that stole my heart –  for baby boys! I can just see my sweet boy in them.

My new Crush: Maruti Gimlet Shoes

10 Sep

Maruti Gimlet

I’ve seen the most amazing shoes from a Dutch brand Maruti in Stuttgart the other day. Papa Bear immediately rolled his eyes but I just had to try them on – and let me tell you they were just the most comfortable shoes my feet have ever met. E-v-e-r! I literally felt like I was walking on clouds!

Maruti Gimlet

Maruti was founded in 2007 and they came out with this amazing design called Gimlet, a beautiful lightweight leather shoe made using cow hair on fine quality leather and available in almost 20 different prints. Perfect shoes for stylish mama’s always on the move, don’t you think?

Maruti Gimlet Kids

Every season they experiment with new materials and printing techniques and this year they have also added a little girl’s (although I know a few boys that could totally pull it off as well) line of Gimlet’s! We both sooo need a pair! Or two. But three would be perfect.

You can find your nearest retailer here or simply write them a letter ;)

ps. Last two photos courtesy of Life With Faye blog

Etsy Boutique: LalaKa Hand-knits

23 Jul


Hand knitted sweaters, hats, overalls, rompers, blankets, pillow and even toys – you name it I love it! They just look so cute and timeless plus they last long and feel comfortable. I wish I knew how to knit but until I don’t I’ll just have to keep looking for cute boutiques like LalaKa from Etsy. I think I’ll be a grandma by the time I learn how to make things as cute as Nora does. And I love she’s using natural fiber yarns like wool and cotton plus her price range is really budget friendly, don’t you think?

Mini Mocks: The Cutest Thing for Baby’s Feet!

21 Jul

Mini Mocs

Baby Talan is only 6 and a half months old and he’s not only crawling and sitting himself up but he’s also already trying to pull himself up and stand on his own two tiny feet! I am so not ready for this. I wish there was a formula for slowing time down. But I try to console myself with a fact that the sooner he starts to walk the sooner he’ll need shoes. Cute ones of course! Moccasins are the first ones on my list – firstly they look cute as heck, comfy as shoes can get and perfect to wear both inside and outside. There’s not much to think about really.

My heart skipped a bit last week when I spotted these ones from Mini Mocks over on Instagram. I mean how cool are they? I’m not even sure which ones I want the most! Maybe the “Jagged”. No Chippy! Or the “On the Visit”. “Pigeon”? Then how chic are those pacifier clips? And you can also get all the products stamped with the text of your choice!

Mini Mocks products are made by hand in Sweden and can be shipped worldwide

Light and Timeless Clothes from NUN

9 Jul


I love more than just one style for my kids but if I could only pick one it would be simple, vintage clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen. If you’re not sure what I mean, just check NUN.

Their clothes stun me every single time. The quality is beyond amazing and their beautiful timeless designs make me want to keep each and every single piece from them – even when they don’t fit my kids anymore! Do you also keep some clothes that you want to pass on to your kids’ kids (grandchildren just sounds too weird too say yet) later in life someday? I wish my parents kept more of my clothes and toys that I could use with my children now so subconsciously I keep a little more than I probably should…


But look at these photos – how could I get rid off anything? Isn’t the one-piece (the second photo) on baby Talan just the most darling thing you’ve ever seen? And the linen towel he’s sleeping on is something I decided to keep for myself – it is so gorgeous and light and dries out in a matter of minutes! The tunic and shorts the garden gnome is wearing are my favorite pieces for Tila this summer and they are so simple to match with anything. Did you see these onesies yet? I need the grey one for Talan!

There are a few more pieces from NUN I’d love for you to see on my Instagram

Beautiful UV Protective Beach Wear from Sunuva

26 Jun

Sunuva Talan

Rash vests and Sun protective clothes in general are one of the smartest inventions a human kind has ever made. Before I knew they existed our day at the beach usually went something like this: we came and while I was still unpacking Tila was already running towards the water, I start screaming “sunscreeeeen!”, she of course didn’t hear me (or did she?), I was trying to catch her and make her stay still while explaining the sea will wait for her and pouring about half the bottle of sunscreen all over her, then she went in to the water and after she came back out the whole fun started all over again! So UV protective vest is the first thing I pack when we go now! So much time and nerves are spared! The only thing that bothered me at first were the ugly neon colors and big brand names written all over them!

Tila Sunuva

But that is a thing of the past now! Sunuva has the most beautiful range of clothes (rash vests and swimsuits) that block out 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. They also have everything boys and girls need outside the water like fun t-shirts, shorts and super cute dresses and tunics just perfect for the beach

I love the pieces they kindly sent for baby Talan and Tila! Aren’t they cute? And I’m absolutely impressed by the quality and the fact that they can be machine washed. As perfect as swim wear gets