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Jellies are Back!

28 Jul


Did you own a pair of jellies when you were a kid? My grandparents have a house by the sea and a pair of jellies was a must-have every single year. I loved the fact I could freely walk in the shallow sea without being afraid of stepping on a sea urchin or a pointy rock and cutting my foot. And being made of rubber they were obviously waterproof and super comfy. Plus they always came in flashy colors which was also a big fat plus! Then in the mid 90’s they became a big no-no in the fashion world and you risked of receiving a face of disgust and mock if you “accidentally” decided to wear them.



But (sound of drums and trumpets) – they are back in fashion now! No more judgments, no more what’s-that-stink faces; jellies are back in all sorts of colors, sizes and designs! And although I may be traumatized by those jelly-non-accepting years my kids are getting them!


I fell in love with these made by a Spanish brand called IGOR since they have the cutest range of all sorts of different models and colors for both kids and adults! Sadly they only send across Spain (they have a big sale at the moment!) and there is also a Portugal site (oh I wish I knew someone that could send them over to me!) but there are also a few other online retailers like Yoox, MonShowRoom, Smallable and Panache Kids

Senz: Umbrellas That Won’t Turn Inside Out!

7 Apr

Senz Umbrella

We had the worst weather the whole last week: rain and wind. And I’m not talking about those mild showers and gentle winds I’m talking about the in-your-face rain and the umbrella-turning kind of wind. Every single day. From Monday through Saturday. And just when I was struggling to keep my umbrella alive it stroked me I totally forgot to share (and get me one of) these! Have you ever noticed how useless umbrellas are when the wind is blowing? Especially if you carry something in your other hand? You always have to decide on who’d you like to save: either the umbrella from turning around and consequently you or the item(s) in your either hand. And when it’s the pushchair in your other hand the winner is obvious and so is the wet looser.

Senz Umbrellas

But! In one of my magazines (I’m sorry I forgot which one, but there are just too many of them) I spotted this crazy looking umbrella from a Norwegian brand called Senz that, thanks’ to its earodinamic shape, supposedly withstands even the strongest wind – up to 100km/h! Three Dutch students designed it out of frustration and they have tested them by maxing out wind tunnels and jumping with the umbrellas out of airplanes and they always stayed in-shape (literally). You can see their video here.

They have five different models going from €30 – €60 to fit all price ranges and they all come with a 1-year warranty even on missing parts!

I always loved quirky looking umbrellas, I have this one from Lisbeth Dahl at the moment (or until it turns inside out), and I just wish it had the same capabilities as Senz umbrellas

Handcrafted Kids Footwear from Chapter 2

1 Dec

Chapter 2_1

If there is anything I love to shop for (besides toys) it’s bags and shoes and I don’t mind spending a few dimes more on those two. I always felt good shoes are the most important part of the wardrobe for both kids and adults.

Chapter 2_2

I found out about Chapter 2 via Bayccino Kids and it was love at first sight. It’s a completely new shoe brand for kids, established by a husband and wife duo and this is their very first collection. Fay is the designer and her husband Tom is the one that hand makes all the shoes in their very own in-house workshop in London! Isn’t that just the coolest thing you’ve heard? I wish my husband an I had such talents.

Since all of their shoes are handcrafted, their stock is very (very!) limited – all models come in one per size and when they’re gone, they are GONE!


Tila has been asking me to buy her matching boots for such a long time now and the Balmoral look a lot like mine (just like about one hundred times cooler) but I have been thinking about getting them for her a few moments too long and now her size is gone! Gone (sob!)! Lesson learned!

PipSticks: The Sticker Company

23 Oct


How are you handling this awful, awful weather? Just yesterday (ok, three days ago to be accurate) we had 23 degrees Celsius and now we’re down to 5! Yes 5! Is it just as bad as here wherever you are?
And of course the quick temperature variations took a toll on our smallest one’s health. Baby Talan is down with his very first cold. And to make the days more “fun” my husband had to go away for work. Now I have a sniffling and cranky baby in one hand and a little girl that need to be amused through out the day (or bad things start happening). Alone.

That’s why I was so happy and grateful when this sweet mail full of entertainment from the sweetest mom of (almost) four kids Maureen came for Tila – it was just what she (I) needed! If there is anything that EVERY kid loves and keeps them entertained for hours it’s stickers! I know Tila loves them ever since she could peel them off with those tiny chubby fingers and stick them on just about every surface she could find.

Did you also collect them when you were a kid? Didn’t we all? There were even sticker clubs where kids have sent each other different stickers. I don’t remember being a part of any but that would have been fun.

Anyway, Maureen came up with this genius idea of starting a Sticker Subscription Company for kids and named it Pipsticks. By subscribing you are guaranteed to receive a super cute envelope full of sticker of all kinds (the sparkly ones, the goofy ones, the puffy ones and even the sniffy ones) along with some crafty additions every single month. No exceptions.

We used more than a half of stickers the very first day (and there were over 15 sheets of them) by sticking them on colorful paper sheets that came along and she gave her masterpieces to three of her best friends in her kindergarten. Oh you should see the joy! There was hugging, there was kissing and there were screams of happiness. Just because they received a few stickers – already attached! It makes you think how little our kids really need and want huh? And how long can a post on stickers get… How did this happen?

But I’ll stop the torture here and now: you can subscribe for one moth, six months and there’s even an option to try it our first – a Taster Pack so you can see what the excitement is all about for yourself. Shipping within US is free and $3 (about €2.50) for the rest of the world

And if you decide to go for the either 6 or 12 Month Subscription Maureen will treat you with one free month! Just use a code JUNGLE10 at checkout.

BAM! Nadadelazos AW14 Collection

7 Oct

Nadadelazos AW14 BJ

Oh I have such a soft spot for Nadadelazos, the Spanish kids brand around since 2011! I’ve been their number one fan since their very first collection. After a year-long pause last year they came back with a bang this spring and yet again they managed to outdo themselves! Their new AW14 collection is more gorgeous than ever! I love how effortlessly cool their pieces look and how easy it is to mix and match them with just about anything. And don’t even get me started on their extremely comfortable designs!

Nadadelazos AW14 BJ2

What I also love about their pieces is that you can easily buy them a size larger and simply roll up jumper sleeves or pant legs and extend the life on clothes this way without compromising on the style!

One of my favorite brands for sure and I bet you feel the same

Raspberry Plum: Fun, Vintage, Stylish and Comfy

3 Oct

Raspberry Plum

I noticed these cool girl tights and socks from Raspberry Plum over at 1965 Kids and I couldn’t understand how I haven’t heard about this London-based brand before! It’s new, that’s why!

Its founder is Aleksandra Stasic, born in Serbia but has moved to London as a child where she gratuated at a prestigious Royal College of Art. The Raspberry Plum ethos is a mix of vintage, quirky, timeless and comfortable pieces made from high quality knitted fabrics, when possible organic.

They decided to have their collection manufactured in Serbia to help re-establish their apparel industry which has suffered greatly over the past 20 years. Raspberry Plum leaves absolutely nothing to chance – even their packaging is made from recycled materials and in order to maintain a low carbon footprint they make sure to keep their production within Europe.

Raspberry Plum

They have started out with a line for girls between ages of 1-12 but you can already see their SS15 collection which is full of amazing pieces for boys and babies too!

ps. Everything is 25% off until the end of this week only with a code 21324677!

Adi: the Stay-Put Plate

30 Sep

Adi Suction Cup Plate

I usually don’t post on Kikstarter projects but this one I would really love to see happen.

Talan is baby-led weaned which means he’s eating on his own but the plate is one of his favorite toys. So he’s eating his food directly from the table – I don’t need to tell you how fun it is to clean up after him especially if I forget to do it right away and the food dries out and sticks to the table like glue.

Adi Suction Cup Plate

There are some plates with plane suction cups on the market already but they are not really hard to remove – even by tiny hands! And Karen Weiss Kart, a mom of three knows that all too well: after a crucial not-so-fun episode of a flying plate and its content landing on a poor man’s lap in the middle of a restaurant an idea for Adi plate was born! She came up with an innovative plate design that has a strong suction base engineered to stay in place and combined with a quick release tab that enables easy removal but only by a grownup. Plate also comes with a snap-tight lid so you can pre-pack it, simply toss it in your bag and use it wherever you’re headed at! If you’re not convinced yet you’ll sure be after seeing this video!

The plate is from BPA, phthalate and PVC-free materials and is made in USA.

To back this project go here and in case you don’t know how Kickstarter works read about it here

Faux Fur Bambi Chair

16 Sep

Bambi Chair

I received an email from EO Denmark, an outstanding design team to present me their newest creation, this darling Bambi Chair for kids and they wanted to know if I’d be interested in posting about it. It was love at first sight, yes but I was seriously hesitant about the fur. So I decided not to. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It is just so darn cute. Too cute to forget. And then I read all about it again and learned that the chair is actually made of Oak, Walnut wood and nylon, which is faux fur! It just looks so soft and fluffy it never crossed my mind it could be faux! How cool? The chair is the brainchild of Takeshi Sawada, a Japanese designer (you can see more of his marvelous designs here) and it’s handcrafted by EO Denmark.

Bambi Chair

I kind of wish they had some in my size now – it would make blogging sooo much more comfortable for me… *wink*

Available from Wannekes for €260 or if you wish to find your nearest retailer just send them an email to eo(at)

Toy Tent from DEUZ

6 Jun

Play Tent DEUZ

How cute is this toy tent from a French brand DEUZ (remember their super cool baby play mat?)? Such a smart twist on the old-fashioned dollhouse! The tents are made in India under Faritrade terms from 100% organic canvas cotton and painted with non-toxic inks. The structure of the tent in made from beech by craftsmen in France and the wood is obtained from local thoughtfully managed forests.

It’s available from DEUZ online boutique from yesterday and it costs €56

Play Tent DEUZ3

Nadadelazos is back!

24 Apr


I was a big fan of this Spanish brand Nadadelazos ever since it was founded in 2010. Their designs are just perfect for a girl like Tila. The bright colors, fun prints and wide and comfy cuts have her name written all over. Last year, to my big disappointment, for some reason stopped their production but decided to come back this spring! What wonderful news!

I don’t understand why all brands make rompers and jumpsuits only up to size 2 or maybe 3 and apparently they don’t too since they make them all the way up to 10 years! How cool? I can’t wait to see Tila quacking around in them! Big like!
Welcome back Nadadelazos! You were badly missed!

Super Super t-shirts from Le Macchinine

24 Mar


Le Macchinine is a design studio in Italy specializing in graphics, books, toys and games and last year they came out with this super fun idea of t-shirts that have capes attached to them and called them Super-Super T-shirts. Besides the cape each t-shirt also has a print of a super fast animal in front. There is an owl, a fox, a rabbit and a lion. They are great role play t-shirt but they are also meant to help the kids that need to loose their fears by making them feel super strong for sharing the animal’s super power.


Tila received this  black Super Super Hare t-shirt and needles to say it was love at first sight! She had so much fun with it – she flew the entire house with it and of course we had to try if it works outside too. And it does! Now guess what she’s wearing to kindergarten today?

Hare t-shirt

I love the amazing quality of both print (hand-screen) and the super soft thick cotton. T-shirts are produced according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and inks in their prints don’t contain phthalates.

LeMacchinine Backpacks

They also have the most darling matching mini backpacks. How darling is the one with turquoise lines?

Day 16: a Gift Card for €50 from Anni Bazaar

16 Dec

Anni Bazaar

Remember this cute brand new online boutique Anni Bazaar I got so excited over last month? I ordered a few items from Imps&Elfs for my little boy from them and got more than I ever expected! I can’t wait to wrap my little boy in their super soft organic cotton towel.

You can find the most adorable range of clothes, toys and accessories for babies and kids between 0 and 8 years from brands like Imps&Elfs, Fub, Funky Leggings, Indikidual, Mini&Maximus, Soft Gallery, Very French Gangsters etc.

Lena is the owner of the boutique and she generously offered to a gift card for €50 for one lucky reader to be spend in her darling boutique! Oh I’m kind of getting jealous.
All you need to do is comment below your favorite piece from their range and you’ve entered the giveaway. Easy peasy!

If you wish to get some extra entries you can get them by liking their Facebook page, sharing the news on this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media but please don’t forget to let me know you did it.

The contest closes tonight at midnight CET. Open to EU countries only!

This contest is now closed and the winner is Sarah! Congrats! You can expect an email soon!

New: Organic Berry Smoothie Line from Green People

26 Nov

Green People Berry Smoothie and Aloe Deo2
I love trying out new cosmetic products but there are two things I demand from them – they have to be natural (preferably organic) and shouldn’t be tested on animals. Without compromise even if they promise to do wonders.
A few years ago there was truly not that many to choose from but there is no real excuse for it today – you can get organic products on every corner and available for almost every budget.

You must know Green People, one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK around since 1997. Their mission is to provide only cosmetic products that are natural, organic, high quality and gentle.

I’ve reviewed their Toothpaste already and I have also tried their Sun Lotion on Tila this summer. All I can say is that I regret I didn’t do it before. It doesn’t contain any Chemical Filters or any other harmful substances, it’s scent-free, doesn’t leave marks on clothes and it spreads perfectly!

Now I also got a chance to try out their deodorant and Tila’s hair smells like Raspberries thanks to their new Berry Smoothie line. And mine does too – just don’t tell her please, I think she is in the “this is mine that is yours – you have your own!” phase.

I kind of wanted to find some, at least one con on these products but I seriously can’t. I’m having real hard time finding natural deodorants that actually work (read this post) and this is the third one that does. It really does! And no marks on my clothes either. I just discovered they have them for men as well and the reviews on them are of course – awesome!

The shampoo and conditioner made Tila’s hair silky smooth and I just love the mild, gentle smell that a mix of Raspberry and Pineapple leave behind.

They have a whole line of beauty products for babies, kids and adults on their online site and they ship Worldwide

NUN kids: Timeless, Classic yet Fun Pieces Easy to Mix and Match!

21 Oct

Nun kids

I let Tila choose what she wants to wear more and more as she’s growing up. I just think it’s important for her to know she has the right to decide on her style and for her to freely express her own, unique taste. I would of course hate it if she chose a top full on Hello Kitties and polyester pink skirt and finish the look off with Barbie accessories. Although, she would love that. But we compromise.

Ok, first I think she doesn’t even know those kinds of things exist since for now we have successfully avoided stores that sell them (crossing my fingers no one ruins that for me) and then we try to do it in a way that works for both of us.

For instance, I love simple style and muted colors and she loves skirt and of course – pink. So we mix and match and again – compromise. The success of the latter mostly depends on her mood.

Nun kids

That is why I love brands like this new one called NUN. They just have it all – their designs are simple and classic yet fun and very appealing to kids. Just look at the skirt Tila is wearing on the photo above – it’s sooo puffy but yet completely untacky. It’s our favorite! And you can match it with anything even the Hello Kitties if you wish and the final look will still be cute and simple.
And that reversible bathrobe! It’s made of linen on one side and the softest terry on the other. You should see Tila how fun it is for her to decide on the side she wants wear after her baths.

I have to get my hand on a few more pieces like this gorgeous dress and this, this and this baby one-pieces. How gorgeous are they? Oh who am I kidding I want it all – just take a look at their gallery on Facebook and you’ll see what I mean.

And their fabrics are absolutely superb, truly one of the best I’ve seen – meant to last for ages! The more you wash them, the better they look! And their colors (dyes used are actually vegetable) divine! I really can’t stop with the praises and the only complain I have is that they don’t have a line for us mamas as well!

Since NUN is still a very fresh brand there are only a few online retailers for now but do not hesitate to drop them an email to info(AT), they will be glad to help you out

Gorgeous Costumes at Noeuf and My Little Square!

14 Oct

Du Rififi chez les Fées

The ugly, tacky costumes that make strange noise when walking are a thing of past. There is too many cute ones out there to even think about the ones in the supermarket! Are the days that costumes had to be worn on Halloween only are also over!

Just take a look at these original and beautifully made from Siaomimi, available at My Little Square and these from Du Rififi Chez les Fées sold from Noeuf– cute or what?

Ps. And while you’re there make sure you don’t miss out on My Little Square’s current promotion