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Light and Timeless Clothes from NUN

9 Jul


I love more than just one style for my kids but if I could only pick one it would be simple, vintage clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen. If you’re not sure what I mean, just check NUN.

Their clothes stun me every single time. The quality is beyond amazing and their beautiful timeless designs make me want to keep each and every single piece from them – even when they don’t fit my kids anymore! Do you also keep some clothes that you want to pass on to your kids’ kids (grandchildren just sounds too weird too say yet) later in life someday? I wish my parents kept more of my clothes and toys that I could use with my children now so subconsciously I keep a little more than I probably should…


But look at these photos – how could I get rid off anything? Isn’t the one-piece (the second photo) on baby Talan just the most darling thing you’ve ever seen? And the linen towel he’s sleeping on is something I decided to keep for myself – it is so gorgeous and light and dries out in a matter of minutes! The tunic and shorts the garden gnome is wearing are my favorite pieces for Tila this summer and they are so simple to match with anything. Did you see these onesies yet? I need the grey one for Talan!

There are a few more pieces from NUN I’d love for you to see on my Instagram

Toy Tent from DEUZ

6 Jun

Play Tent DEUZ

How cute is this toy tent from a French brand DEUZ (remember their super cool baby play mat?)? Such a smart twist on the old-fashioned dollhouse! The tents are made in India under Faritrade terms from 100% organic canvas cotton and painted with non-toxic inks. The structure of the tent in made from beech by craftsmen in France and the wood is obtained from local thoughtfully managed forests.

It’s available from DEUZ online boutique from yesterday and it costs €56

Play Tent DEUZ3

Organic Cotton Baby Range from Lola & Stella

4 Jun

Lola and Stella

There is hardly anything cuter than a baby wearing a set of leggings with cute prints all over his chubby legs. Maybe only a baby that’s wearing a matching hat! Something like these from Lola & Stella – how cool are their geometric animal prints? So baby and parent-friendly at the same time! And there are also blankets and baby teethers (I so need one of these so my baby doesn’t eat one of his socks or swaddles one of these days), everything made from 100% organic cotton

PIPUPIA: Soft Organic Baby Clothing

3 Jun



There are so many organic cotton baby clothing brands already but not all are the same. Some have great quality but boring designs and others can brag with lovely looks but poor quality. But Piupia is one of the rare ones that has it all.
I received a few pieces from their sweet baby collection and the first thing I noticed is how incredibly soft and thick they all were. And the super cute prints made me use my high pitch voice. I just love their adorable bright-color illustrations and the contrasting pattern combinations. So fresh, unique and baby appropriate.


The graphics are made by Claudia Carvalho, the founder of Piupia and all materials are locally sourced. A lot of effort is also put into providing the best comfort possible by using soft elastic bands, non-scratch tags (there should be a rule about that!) and comfortable designs that are easy to dress and undress – one of my favorite features these days as timing is everything with a super wiggly snail baby that needs to be changed about one hundred times a day. Ok, maybe a little less but it certainly feels like that many.

Ps. There are a few designs on sale right now but hurry up as they are selling out super fast!




New Mom Design House Pillows

5 May


I have already blogged about New Mom Design Etsy boutique and their beautiful organic range of home textiles but I wanted to show you these two house pillows Elvina most generously sent me. Unfortunately for me, a tiny person came along while I was opening the package and stole them from me! But to her defense – she generously gave one to her baby brother. But who could really blame her? They are so so cute, big and super soft just screaming for the cuddles and they look great anywhere you put them – our big one travels from Tila’a bed, trough all the chairs in the house and ends up on the couch at the end of the day. I kind of wish it would end up there for good but I don’t think that’s really going to happen anytime soon. Oh well.


And the little one is actually a tooth fairy pillow with a tiny pocket on the front side just big enough for the tooth to be replaced with a tiny gift or a Euro (or a Dollar) bill. What a great idea!

Thank you so much Elvina!

Green People Make-Up Review and the Truth Behind Mineral Make-Up

1 May

Green People Mineral Powder

There’s been a lot of talk about mineral makeup for the last few years and about it’s benefits. But do you know why it’s called mineral what is it made from and how? I didn’t up until today. Be we all should:

Mineral make up is actually a mixture of ground up pigment rocks, most commonly mica mineral. Mineral make up made from mica is as natural as make up gets and it provides not only pigment and beautiful shimmering, glittery appearance but also sun protection and anti-inflammatory effects.. But there’s a catch. An awful truth about how this beautiful mineral is being sourced. Sadly most of it comes from India where a child labor is widespread. Kids as young as five (my Tila is turning five this week and it breaks my heart just thinking about it!) are being used to climb down narrow, dangerous shafts that lead into illegal mines where they cut mica with a hammer for up to 9 hours per day. They work with sharp-pointed, heavy tools, inhale dust from stone cutting and are at risk of being hit by one all the time. And all that for less than €2 per day! Per day! Can you believe it? But there are a few, rare brands that only used ethically sourced mica. And one of them is Green People.

There is an article on Child Labor behind the Mineral Make-up industry made by DanWatch, an independent, non-profit media and research center from Denmark investigating the impact of business on humans and environment world-wide and according to their reports Green People are one of only 4 (out of 16) companies questioned that proved there is no child labor involved in the process of mica extraction used in their mineral make up.

I have also tried two of their products from their Organic Make-Up range – the Multi-Active Pencil Concealer and this Eyeshadow duo and I loved them, especially the concealer. It’s just what I need now! Even after all my sleepless nights this little baby manages to hide my scary dark circles! I have to try out their powder and mascara next.

I just love Green People more and more. Their products never seem to disappoint me and you can always count on getting natural, organic products made from Fair Trade ingredients from them

Woodly: Nature Friendly Furniture

17 Mar

Woodly Montessori Floor Bed

I have never seen anything more beautiful than this. Not just the products but the whole concept. Listen to this:

Woodly is and Italian furniture brand based in a completely ecological and uncontaminated environment in the most gorgeous and purest of hills in Italy around Parma. Their aim is to run as ecological production as humanly possible so they only use renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic materials and finishing like wood, organic water glues and paints, beeswax and vegetable wax. But that’s not all! Their workshop also runs in an energy saving, zero impact environment. They are also trying to produce with as little waste possible. You can read more about it here.

Woodly Garden

They are surrounded with nothing but beautiful nature – just take a look at their garden! I’ve never seen anything like it. I wish I could spend my summer up there. I’d even be willing to help! Absolutely gorgeous.

Woodly products

They are making furniture, wooden toys, lamps and furnishing accessories but I have completely fallen in love with their Baby Furniture range, especially the Montessori floor bed – is this not the coolest bed you’ve seen? I want one for my baby boy! And Papa Bear has a little crush on this genius Bike Holder. This way I might even let him bring his bike inside!

Ps. You should also check out their Pinterest page – you will fall in love if you haven’t yet! I can’t stop looking at their photos! We need to plan a trip to visit them since they apparently have a bed & breakfast of my dreams!

Oh Wow: The Summer House Baby Shoes

12 Mar

The Summer House

I just came across this small boutique called the Summer House selling baby shoes and hair accessories and I swear I could hear my heart beating faster. The brand is based in Munich and established by Zaida Martin who was born in Madrid but later moved to Germany. Everything is handcrafted by Zaida’s own two hands and with only natural materials like pure wool, leather and organic cotton only. Music to my ears!

I have a serious crush on these Oxford Baby Booties for Talan and the hairclips for Tila! Pure gorgeousness!

Meet Talan + a few of my Favourite Items

5 Mar


Remember me? Yup, I’m finally back. I wish I could say that I’m sorry for not doing it earlier but honestly – I’m really not! 8 weeks ago I gave birth to the most precious little boy (picture proof above) and since this almost for sure our last baby I decided to enjoy every single second of it. He’s such a good baby and I enjoy his company so, so much. And oh this divine baby smell… I wish I could bottle it somehow.

And you should see Tila – she is the sweetest little (big) sister and she’s all about the cuddles and kisses with him and she doesn’t have a drop of jealousy in her. She also helps me beyond my expectations. My sweet, sweet girl. You can see a few photos and even a video of the two together on Instagram.

Talan is going to turn 2 months tomorrow so his world still mostly evolves around eating, sleeping, a lot of pooping, peeing and consequently diaper changing, now he’s also smiling and trying to make baby sounds. Oh and there’s also a tiny bit of crying, yes.

My favourite baby items

There are a few items that I couldn’t survive without – well ok, I could but they make my life a lot easier and I thought some fresh mamas and mamas-to-be might appreciate me sharing.

1. I chose this Voksi footmuff because it’s made of natural materials like wool, cotton and feather. It’s also perfect for use in a car seat (there are special openings for the harnesses at the bottom) as well as in the pram. And they keep the little bundle super warm and cozy!

I got it from BabyShop but it’s sold out, you can get it directly from Voksi and if shipping for your country is not listed, just contact them!

2. This Cushion Chain from BALlab is super useful. It has three press-on buttons at the ends so by buttoning it up together you get a donut-shaped cushion and use it for things like a resting place for your baby, a sitting cushion after the birth and if you take it apart you get a really long cushion that can be used to help you sleep while pregnant, as a nursing pillow, support during tummy time or back support when the baby starts to sit up on its own etc.

3. Yes, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing but not at the beginning. For me it was one of the most painful things in life. More than giving birth itself. It hurts, hurts like hell! I won’t even start describing the state of my poor nipples for the sake of all still-to-be moms. But these nipple shields from Medela saved my sanity – they helped so, so, soooo much! They helped nursing get bearable again until I healed. They fit on perfectly, my baby didn’t have any difficulties transitioning from the breast and then back again and they come in three different sizes for the perfect comfort. You can get them in most pharmacies or even on Amazon

4. I absolutely adore these towels from Imps & Elfs. They are super soft, absorbent and made from organic materials like terry cotton on one side and a layer of cotton muslin on the other one! Plus the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

I got them from Anni Bazaar

5. I wrote a post on how harmful disposable diapers can be a while ago (you can read it here) but the Naty nappies are as natural as disposable’s get! They are made from natural and renewable materials, even the film is made from GM free corn and of course there’s no trace of chlorine or perfumes plus they do their job perfectly. Oh and they also look super cute. You can find your favourite retailer here

6. I talked about the swaddling benefits a lot already but I can’t help myself – I just love it! And Talan sleeps so good thanks to it. It completely relaxes him. My favorite swaddling blankets are from Aden + Anais and from La Langerie. I washed these babies so many times already and they still look like new and they just get softer every time!

7. Talan got a nappy rash and I tried changing the diapers and the wipes but nothing changed. I also bought a certain organic diaper cream at the store but that one didn’t do anything either. Then I went online and noticed this Diaper Ointment from Burt’s Bees had the best reviews so I decided to try out. People call it wonder cream and they are so right – it made the rash go away in two days and it hasn’t come back since and it’s been more than a month!

It’s available from Amazon

8. One thing that relaxes babies probably even more than the swaddling is babywearing. It doesn’t only feel great to have your little one so close to you for a really long time without having to worry about your hands falling off but it also enables you to actually do some stuff around the house – it calms them down completely! I spotted the Combi Cotti carriers on Babyccino Kids blog and couldn’t resist! I’m so glad. They look great, feel amazing and are super easy to use once you get the hang of it.

9. These Jackson Reece wipes rock! They are completely natural, super gentle and don’t contain any perfumes or alcohol. They are also just the right size and wet enough to do the job with one wipe only! There is also a really good deal on them on Amazon if you take a pack of 10. I’m tempted to try out their Nose Nuzzles

10. I wanted to avoid the disposable hospital underwear and decided to buy my own granny pants to hold those giant sanitary pads in place. At the end I wore the lovely fishnet underwear anyway but only the first day. Then I used these shaping briefs from H&M and they felt unbelievably good. It didn’t only feel great to see the belly get a lot flatter in an instant but they actually made me feel more comfortable. They are tight and stretchy just enough not to squeeze too much and to make you feel kind of a like they-are-holding-things-in-place comfortable. Love them so much tha I’m still using them.

11. I love this NUNA Leaf rocking chair for a few reasons: materials are organic, the insert is super easy to remove and wash, it swings sideways instead of common back and forth, there’s no motor so you don’t need any batteries in order to use it and the best part is that it hold up to 60 kg so even bigger kids can use it as a (swing) chair. Tila loves to read books on!

There’s one more things that I somehow managed to forget to put into the edit but should definitely be mentioned. The Gifrer Liniment I wrote about before. Besides the impeccable job it does around the nappy area it also helped me with my nipple situation a lot. A lot! Much more then the nipple creams themselves!

Day 24: Body Bela from Macarons

24 Dec

Macarons Bela Body

I developed a giant crush on this incredible German brand Macarons ever since it was founded and last month I finally ordered a few items for Tila and my baby boy. And oh I’m so glad I did – the quality of their products is out of this world. I have never seen anything like it!

Julie and Veit, the leading force behind the Macarons developed an innovative doubleface textile called IQ fabric. The name came after its warming, water-repellent and temperature-regulating qualities and the secret is in the organic merino wool on the outside woven together with the also organic cotton on the inside.

There are also the delicious designs that are truly one of a kind. The two sides come in contrasting colors and by folding or rolling the hems and collars you can play around with the looks and create individual styles.

Ok, I’m getting to the best part now. Julie and Veit kindly offered this beautiful organic cotton onesie Body Bela that comes in three different sizes (see here) and by commenting below the size you’d pick you enter the giveaway. Easy as that.

There are also extra entries for the ones that share the news on this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media just make sure to let me know you did it.

The contest closes tonight at midnight CET and is open Worldwide!

This contest is now closed and the winner is Silvija! Congrats! You can expect an email soon!

Day 23: Goodies from Jack N’ Jill

23 Dec

Jack N' Jill

We are loyal to Jack N’ Jill’s products ever since we first tried them out. And there are a few reasons for that: their toothpastes are organic, don’t contain any fluoride, sugar, artificial flavor and colors, SLS or preservatives and they are also super yummy so you have to keep an eye on the little ones before the whole tube is gone the first day! Then their Toothbrushes are made of cornstarch and therefore recyclable and the new Storage Cups are made from bamboo and rice husks, also biodegradable. But there’s more! If the facts that their whole range is completely safe, non-toxic and recyclable aren’t enough they also look absolutely and utterly cute!

But the most fun fact is that one of you is going to win a tube of toothpaste and either a Silicone Finger Brush for babies or a Toothbrush for the big kids! The winner can decide on the flavor and between designs of the toothbrush – the Hippo and the Bunny. If you know a little someone that would like to have this lovely set just leave a comment below.

And if you also share the news on this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media you get extra entries but let me know you did it.

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Day 22: A Pair of Leggings and a Tutu or Baggy Pants from Funky Legs

22 Dec

Funky Legs

Bright colors, fun designs and funky prints are the keywords to describe the Funky Legs collection of tights, socks, pants, tutus and accessories for kids from 0 to 10 year. We’ve had a chance to try a few items from their organic range and Tila just loves them – they couldn’t be more perfect for her (click here to see for yourself)!

Today’s giveaway is either one pair of Star Tights and a Tutu in a color by the winner’s choice or a pair of these funky Baggy Pants on the right side on the picture above in case a boy wins! To enter simply leave a comment below and let me know which prize would you choose.

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Day 19: €30 to be Spend at Sweetcase

19 Dec


I’ve written about Sweetcase and Murielle Sitruk who came up with this genius idea that moms-to-be will especially love before. While she was expecting her second child she tried to find one place where she could find everything for the baby to fill up her hospital bag but she couldn’t. And so an ide was born! She started producing her own line of suitcases made of thick cotton canvas and lined with cotton that has the most precious prints designed by studio Minakani, solely for Sweetcase. The suitcase is available by itself and fully or partially pre-filled. The complete set contains all the pieces of clothing a baby needs in his first weeks plus a bed set, sleeping sack, a towel, toiletry bag and the cover for the babies health book. Like the suitcase all the other pieces can also be bought separately.

Murielle offered to let the winner of this giveaway choose his/her own favorite item(s) within the amount of €30. For your chance to win this giveaway simply leave a comment below.

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Day 15: Organic Shampoo from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!

15 Dec

Rosemary Grapefruit Shampoo from Stop the Water While Using Me

I just recently discovered this German brand called STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME and I am already completely hooked. This is seriously one of the coolest cosmetic brands with an even cooler concept. Where to start? Their packaging is gorgeous, their ingredients are organic and they don’t test on animals. Products are also without a trace of synthetic fragrances, colors, preservatives, silicon or any other mineral oil-based substances.

Their aim is to spread the awareness of water consumption and conservation by encouraging people to stop wasting the water when leaving the tap on while washing. So their motto is simple yet important: STOP THE WATER while using their products.

They have kindly offered to give away one bottle of Rosemary Grapefruit Shampoo. For your chance to win just leave a comment below.

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Day 14: Gift Card Worth €40 from Winter Water Factory

14 Dec

Winter Water Factory

I’ve had my eyes on Winter Water Factory ever since I first noticed their beautiful pieces at Noeuf boutique. They have kindly sent me this cutest little baby Romper for my baby boy and all I can say is now I know why I love organic cotton that much. It is just so so so incredibly soft!
The brand and their production is located in Brooklyn and they are specializing in bold and beautiful screen printed textiles and kids’ clothing. All their pieces are crafted from 100% certified organic cotton and made is USA.
They have two online stores – one based in US and the other one in Germany

Winter Water Factory is giving away a €40 worth gift card to be spend on their Baby Collection. Just leave a comment below for your chance to win.

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