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Mosquito Repellant Recipe

26 May


Tila ends up in tens (that looks like hundreds) of mosquito bites every single summer. I never want to use those harsh mosquito repellants full of harmful synthetic chemicals and the natural ones usually don’t do much. At least the ones I bought didn’t. But I think I might just have found a recipe that works. At least the reviews say so. I’m going to put my lab goggles on next week and make a bottle to see if it really works. Maybe you know this recipe already? Or do you have another one that provenly works? Please share – I really want to spare her and baby Talan all the scratching this year.

100 ml jojoba oil
20 drops of Basil essential Oil
10 drops of Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil
30 of Citronella or Lemongrass Essential Oil

It’s best to pour everything into a spray bottle and mix every time before use!

Ps. The cute mosquito tote bag is from Ryo Takemasa and you can get one from here with free worldwide shipping!

Etsy Find: Beanie on Helina Home Decor

14 May

Beanie on Helina

I am a big fan of decorative pillows – they can turn the most plain and boring piece of furniture into most fabulous one. We just bought Tila a new bed and I intentionally went for the plain, white one – to justify the purchase of cute little pillows of course!
I found this darling, darling Finnish boutique called Beanie on Helina on Etsy that I absolutely love – how couldn’t I? Their pillows are hand made of course from natural materials like soft linen and I love the fact that the little details on them (like rain drops) are actually embroidered! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Beanie on Helina

But  as if that wasn’t enough there’s also a whole line of kitchen accessories like little linen baskets, pot holders and napkins

Hörbert Portable Player for Kids

2 Apr

Hörbert mp3 Player
Papa Bear spotted this wooden radio in an onboard sales magazine last week and was sure I’ll like it. He was right, I do – I love it! And after you read how it works I ensure you you will too!

Hörbert is a highly sustainable portable mp3 player for kids hand crafted in Germany. It’s made from natural and non-toxic materials like wood and water-based wax finish and sturdy enough to handle the play, shakes and even drops. Four different types of wood are used for the best performance, it is super light so the kids can easily carry it around and it runs on batteries in order to play anywhere and anytime. But don’t worry – it is also energy saving so the batteries should last for about 45 hours of uninterrupted play!

Hörbert mp3 Player

How it works:
You simply transfer music or audio books on a memory card with a help of a software (both come with the player) and distribute the songs through 9 different section buttons. Two additional buttons at the bottom also allow the playback and fast forward.

There is also an option to limit the maximum volume by moving a sliding switch that is inside the radio so only parents can access. What else? Oh, each player can also be custom engraved to make it more personal and unique. Is this one perfect present for a certain (soon-to-be) 5-year-old or what? Great job Papa Bear!

You can order the player online here

Ps. You can also see a short video here

Braided Pacifier Clip

20 Mar

Pacifier Braid Clip

A while ago before I was even pregnant with my baby boy I came across these Suede Pacifier Clips from Fashion Love People that can be used as bracelets when your baby is done with it. I loved the idea almost as much as the look. But sadly by the time I finally needed one they stopped making them! So I had no other choice but to do one myself. It is really simple and done in minutes so I though I’d share it with you.

Pacifier Clip Necessities

All you need is:

two suede laces 3mm thick (Ebay)
a pacifier clip (I got mine from here)

The length of laces should be about 80 cm and I used a leg of a chair to hold things in place for me.


First bring one lace around the leg and the other one under the first lace. The loop should be about 5 cm long so you can easily get the clip through when putting the pacifier on. Now make the four-strand braid like on the photo (you can also use this tutorial) until it gets about 13cm (for babies) to 16 cm (for bigger kids) long.


Make a simple knot with one lace only, two times.

3Now bring the other lace through the clip and tie it off with a knot like you can see on the photo and you’re done!

Kitchen Goodies from La Cocotte

29 Nov

La Cocotte

I’m always a bit nervous to check My Little Square’s online shop because every time I do they add something new that puts all my resisting strengths to the test. Like these ridiculously cute kids’ aprons and kitchen accessories pour maman aussi like cutting boards, tea towels, trays and these lovely lolly makers from La Cocotte. On the other hand if I think about it I think Tila would steal all of these from me as well and use them in her own kitchen…

And by the way – wouldn’t the apron and the lolly makers make one super cute Christmas gift?

Pleased to Meet Stationery Goodies

10 Oct

Pleased to Meet

This week I’ve started with my German lessons. So I’m back to school every day for 3 and a half hours for the next…well until I give birth I guess so probably three months. Even though it’s kind of exhausting juggling with Tila’s school, work, all the things that need to be done at home and inbetween and now my school, I love it. It kind of makes me feel younger and hopefully in a few weeks, smarter!

So I thought I’d show you something school-related. Sort of. Buying stationery thingies was always my favorite part about school – I was soo looking forward to getting cool new pens, cute notebooks and other little things that made me happy.

I recently stumbled upon this most adorable little online boutique Pleased to Meet founded by a German couple Daniela and Marcel that met in New York. They stock a pile of dangerously appealing stationery and a few other accessories but not just any kind. They only use finest ecologically sound papers and guarantee high standard local production and hand assembly of products.

I have my eyes set on quite a few things already…like this planner here, this adorable little Baby Journal, a few notebooks, this most adorable bookmark (I’m even thinking about getting a few for Christmas gifts), the cards, just a few prints, this utensil box, calendar and this most adorable little book of friends for Tila – a must-have.

Oh there are just too many beautiful things for this girl to stay humble… Check it out for yourself if you dare!

Mini Diva Natural Cosmetic Products

2 Sep

Mini Divas

I love pretty bottles after all what girl doesn’t? But unfortunately usually the prettiest ones have the worst content. I really try to go as natural as it goes especially when I’m buying cosmetic products for Tila. So I usually go for the ones I’ve already tried, tested and liked like Weleda, Burt’s Bees, dr. Hauschka, Lavera etc.

But my recent visit of Rasselfisch store was yet again a big success – like always. Oh I love that store, I could move in today!

So the thing I found and wanted to let you know about are these three cuties, which are actually a shampoo, the second one is a body lotion and the last one a shower gel. Now they are also organic and without a single drop of paraben, perfume and colorant! So beautiful inside and out for a change.

They come from Denmark a new brand called Mini Diva and they are their first line of products for little girls (and their mamas! *wink wink*) but I hope there’s one for the boy’s in their future plan as well!

Tila (and her sneaky mummy) tried the shower gel and absolutely love it! One of the rare ones that actually doesn’t dry out your skin! Now I have an excuse for a new visit of Rasselfisch – we need the other two bottles as well! You can order them online

Back to School Must-Haves

27 Aug

Back to School

I thought you’d like to take a peek at some of my favorite back to school (or kindergarten) items…

1. Petit Bateau Raincoat for babies and kids

2. HELLOshiso Hair Acessories

3. Hunter Rain Boots

4. By Graziela Backpack

5. Vilac Paintbox by Nathalie Lété

6. Leçons de Choses Backpack

7. Hatley Boy’s Bear Boxers

8. Aigle Kids Raincoat

9. Bobo Choses Knitted Hat

10. Bakker Lunchbag

11. Aigle Kids Rain Boots

12. Hase Weiss Felt Pencil Case with Pencils

13. Easy Peasy Baby Slippers

14. Collégien Slippers

15. Froy and Dind notebooks (from here and here)

Tea and Kate

9 Aug

Tea and Kate

I’m getting obsessed with this most adorable boutiques Tea and Kate that is full of darling little treats for us all – the petit ones and also for the parents, well more moms! I don’t even know where to start I seriously want every single thing from this shop!

The New il tutto Frankie Tote

7 Aug

Il Tutto Frankie

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Tila I made myself a promise I’ll find a baby bag that doesn’t really look like one. That’s how I got my il tutto bag. They are every style-savvy mom’s dream – seriously gorgeous leather bags that come with a padded change mat, insulated bottle holder, plastic wallet for wet thingies, removable and washable zip-out lining and lots of lots of room. And when you’re done with those you can simply use the bag as a usual day bag – no one will ever guess its original purpose!

I love my Mia bag but I think I have a brand new crush on this soon-to-come Frankie Tote! How gorgeous is HE? It’s ready for pre-order and will come out at the beginning of September. My heart beats for the tan colors but it also comes in black.

Niko Niko Plantable Postcards

24 Jul

Niko Niko

I think this must be one of the most genius ideas I’ve seen in a while. This Dutch brand Niko Niko thought about making greeting cards and confetti boxes made from plantable paper. Say what?! Yes, cards made out of paper that contains flower seeds so in a few weeks after you plant it (check out the picture) you can expect a bunch of pretty wildflowers coming out! How cool is that?

There are the usual (but plantable) greeting cards and also gift boxes with plantable confetti inside. So you can send a bouquet of flowers for different types of occasions (from birthday, wedding to a birth of a baby) but in a super special, much cooler way now

Wit & Whistle

13 Jun

Wit and Whistle

Oh Pinterest is one wonderful and a very dangerous place at the same time. There’s sooo many great things to discover but it can easily suck you in and you end up spending hours up there. Today I found this cutest little boutique called Wit & Whistle full of gorgeous stationary items like notebooks, stamps and prints – something I know all women love. Gorgeous or what?

Reusable Squeeze Pouches

23 May

Infantino Squeeze Pouches

Tila was never a big veggie lover (gently put) but now it’s a lot easier to persuade her she needs to eat them in order to get big and strong like her daddy and so her tummy is then ready for an occasional treat – I know, I know I’m awful!

Anyhow, when she was too small to fall for my super smart persuading attempts I tried to get some fresh vegetables into het tummy with fruit & veggie smoothies (I still do that) and with these awesome fruit&veggie pouches when we were on the go.

Now a few days ago I discovered that you can actually get reusable pouches and therefore make and pack your own smoothies! Genius!

Now there are several brands but I think I like Infantino’s the most. You can get their Squeeze Station from Amazon and it comes with 10 pouches but if you’re in the need for more you can buy those separately as well

Les Pascalettes

25 Feb

I always cared about having cute bibs for Tila. I realize it’s a thing that’s meant to get disgustingly dirty but I want it to look good at least in the first half of the “process”.

What about you? Care or couldn’t care less? If you do, I know you’ll love these Les Pascalettes. The designer is Charlotte, a mom blogger from Paris so the site is in French only for now – but that will surely change soon.

The bibs are made of waterproof material and can be easily cleaned. That’s one of my favorite features in bibs, the other one – cuteness of course. And who could not love these adorable collar bibs?

They cost from €19 to €29 which certainly can’t be called cheap but on the other hand – they last a really long time!
Shipping to France is €5.90 (free when spending over €55), €15 for rest of the Europe and free when spending more than €70

aden + anais fitted sheets

8 Jan

Did you know that aden + anais recently added a line of fitted cot sheets made of, yup – muslin? Even though it says it fits standard cot mattresses that measure up to 140 cm x 70 cm I had to try one out on our Leander Junior bed that is 150 cm long and guess what – it fits perfectly!

They already have them in most of their cutest prints and just like with muslin swaddles, they get softer with every single wash!

I hope we can expect something like this from the most darling La Langerie in the near future! Wouldn’t they look gorgeous?

A single sheet costs between €32 and €45 depending on material (classic, bamboo and organic) so not cheap at all but truly worth every single penny!
I bought mine from the Little Green Fairy (if you can’t find them on their site yet, just contact them) but you can also buy one from their site (EU and US).

Now we wait for bigger sizes…

Ps. for all you baby mommas, they also have chaning mat covers, did you know that?