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Fun and Creative Sets from Trim Toys

18 Mar

Trim Toys 2

I received an email from Catalina and Gabriela from Argentina, friends and the founders of the brand called Trim Toys. They have started the company in 2011 with a desire to design innovative and creative toys that would encourage children’s’ imagination and creativity and keep them away from unproductive toys like video games.

Trim Toys 3

Their current collection consists of a collar, an apron, a dress and a cowboy suit and each set comes printed on a 100% cotton canvas sheet along with paint, a brush and of course the instructions. It needs to be painted, cut out and then used to have with! The packaging can be recycled as a pencil case.

Trim Toys 1

My Tila is not the biggest fan of painting and drawing but when she received this dress from Catalina and Gabriela she couldn’t wait to do it – I think it might have been the knowledge she’s getting a dress out of it that made her so excited. I have never seen her so still and devoted to painting before. And she was so proud of her masterpiece that she insisted on wearing it to her Kindergarten the next day! How could I say no?

You can see more photos of their projects on their Facebook page. Their products will soon be available to buy on Etsy but until then you can contact them by email (trimtoy(at)

Woodly: Nature Friendly Furniture

17 Mar

Woodly Montessori Floor Bed

I have never seen anything more beautiful than this. Not just the products but the whole concept. Listen to this:

Woodly is and Italian furniture brand based in a completely ecological and uncontaminated environment in the most gorgeous and purest of hills in Italy around Parma. Their aim is to run as ecological production as humanly possible so they only use renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic materials and finishing like wood, organic water glues and paints, beeswax and vegetable wax. But that’s not all! Their workshop also runs in an energy saving, zero impact environment. They are also trying to produce with as little waste possible. You can read more about it here.

Woodly Garden

They are surrounded with nothing but beautiful nature – just take a look at their garden! I’ve never seen anything like it. I wish I could spend my summer up there. I’d even be willing to help! Absolutely gorgeous.

Woodly products

They are making furniture, wooden toys, lamps and furnishing accessories but I have completely fallen in love with their Baby Furniture range, especially the Montessori floor bed – is this not the coolest bed you’ve seen? I want one for my baby boy! And Papa Bear has a little crush on this genius Bike Holder. This way I might even let him bring his bike inside!

Ps. You should also check out their Pinterest page – you will fall in love if you haven’t yet! I can’t stop looking at their photos! We need to plan a trip to visit them since they apparently have a bed & breakfast of my dreams!

Day 18: Primrose Doll House from Lille Huset

18 Dec

Primrose from Lille Huset

These doll houses from Lille Huset inspired by Norwegian type of houses made from birch wood and laminated recycled paperboard have a special spot in my heart. They truly are one of a kind by both their looks and the eco-friendly concept. They come with accessory sheets that let kids to determine their final look.

These sweet doll houses are made in Chicago and come packet flat and have to be put together (the most fun part!) and can also be easily taken apart again for easy storage and travel. Then there are also Little Peggies, little wooden people created by Goose Grease that fit perfectly into Lille Husets.

Primrose from Lille Huset

Alyson, the creative force behind the company decided to give this absolutely gorgeous paperboard Primrose House with 10 accessory sheets to one lucky little winner. In order to enter this giveaway leave a comment below.

Get extra entries by sharing the news on this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media but let me know you did it.

The contest closes tonight at midnight CET and is open Worldwide!

This contest is now closed and the winner is Elsa-et-le-moka! Congrats! You can expect an email soon!

Day 16: a Gift Card for €50 from Anni Bazaar

16 Dec

Anni Bazaar

Remember this cute brand new online boutique Anni Bazaar I got so excited over last month? I ordered a few items from Imps&Elfs for my little boy from them and got more than I ever expected! I can’t wait to wrap my little boy in their super soft organic cotton towel.

You can find the most adorable range of clothes, toys and accessories for babies and kids between 0 and 8 years from brands like Imps&Elfs, Fub, Funky Leggings, Indikidual, Mini&Maximus, Soft Gallery, Very French Gangsters etc.

Lena is the owner of the boutique and she generously offered to a gift card for €50 for one lucky reader to be spend in her darling boutique! Oh I’m kind of getting jealous.
All you need to do is comment below your favorite piece from their range and you’ve entered the giveaway. Easy peasy!

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This contest is now closed and the winner is Sarah! Congrats! You can expect an email soon!

Day 10: A Giftcard worth €60 from New Mom Designs

10 Dec

New Mom Designs

New Mom Designs is an Etsy boutique full of beautiful unique textiles from fabrics, beddings for kids and adults, nursery and home accessories and toys. Materials used are either organic or eco-friendly and printed with non-toxic inks. How cute are those prints Elvina, the founder also designs by herself? She actually started as an interior designer but after having two kids and the frustration in finding the right fabric for their nurseries she ended up a fabric designer. You can read her whole story here.

Elvina kindly offered one gift card worth $80 (ca. €60) to be spend in her Etsy boutique on items of winner’s own choice.

To enter this contest simply leave a comment below and if you like her Facebook page, share the news on this contest via Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media you get extra entries but don’t forget to tell me you did it.

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Day 1: Londji Carboard Piggy from Eeny Meeny

1 Dec

Londji Piggy Bank

Let’s start the countdown to Christmas with this super cute Londji Cardboard Piggy Bank from the Eeny Meeny boutique, run by mums with a total of 6 kiddos between them that carefully select every single item in their shop which is full of useful, educational and well-designed toys that simply look to good to tidy away.

If you’d like to win this lovely prize simply let me know by commenting below.

Like always, you get extra entries if you share the news on this contest via Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media but do make sure to let me know about it.

The contest closes tonight at midnight CET. Open Worldwide!

This contest is now closed and the winner is Magdalena! Congrats! You can expect an email soon!

Polka Dot Club: Handmade Teddies Meant to Last for Ages!

30 Sep

Polka Dot Club

The last time I saw these kinds of teddy bears was when I was still playing with them. Our grandparents had them, our parents and my generation alsobut then in the mid 80’s pooof! they were replaced by mass production of synthetic plush or as I call them dust-collectors.

Polka Dot Club

But there are still people that miss those old-school simple looking button-eyed teddies like Jennifer Murphy, the founder of Polka Dot Club. Her teddy bears are all hand made in US from traditional and natural materials like mohair, wool felt and cotton stuffing. Even the clothes and other accessories that come with some are tailored for each and every little bear. And if that is not enough you can get additional pieces of clothing for them.

And these teddy bears are meant to be passed on and played with for at least next hundred years!

Wooden Camera Toys

15 Aug


The toys kids use the most are the most simple ones – have you noticed that? These handcrafted cameras from Estonia made of wood are the perfect example. So simple yet fun and ah so so cute. I can see Tila playing with it for hours. I think she would just carry it around her neck from morning till night.

They come in four different colors and each costs €14 plus shipping (€3.50 within EU). You can place your order via email shop(AT)

Youttle Personalized Cuddly Toys

31 Jul


I’m having such fun hunting for all kinds of beautiful baby items already and I still have like 5 months ahead! You should see my “new baby” bookmarks – there are “only” 27 must-haves in there by now. And the latest one are these adorable cuddly toys from Youttle I spotted over at Noeuf. Each is made by hand in France by Youssra and I love the fact they can be personalized by having a name of your baby embroidered into their tummies! What a lovely idea huh? And they make one perfect baby gift, don’t you think?

Hevea Baby Toys

16 Jul

Hevea Baby Bath Toys

One thing I hate buying the most is bath toys. They are such a waste of money since you have to get rid of them in a couple of weeks – the water that gets in through a hole at the bottom, stays inside and mold starts to develop – and there is nothing you can do about it. And Tila is one of those kids that loves putting everything into her mouth, especially those toys.

But thanks to kinds people from Hevea I found the perfect bath toys that are not just completely save to chew on (their products are as toxin free as toys get) and super soft to the touch but they also don’t have any holes or leaks so there’s no way for mold to sneak itself in!

So meet Tila’s new friends – Mr. Ducky and Mrs. Fishy! She plays with them while taking a bath, in the shower and then they also go into her room where the play continues of course! And I don’t need to worry about the green nasties.

I think we’re ready for the Mr. Kind Size Ducky now and I can’t wait to get this Panda Teether for our new baby!

You can get their products from ShakShuka, VUPbaby and Babipur. Or you can simply contact Hevea directly and they will help you find your nearest stockist

Welcome Marjorie Jane!

20 May

Marjorie Jane

I wanted to introduce the newest sponsors for a while now and today is just the perfect day. Let’s start with Marjorie Jane an online boutique founded by a mom of a little boy in 2009. The store has been such a success that it soon became too small and the site needed some “remodeling”. So now it offers an even wider range of bold colors and bold designs for kids aged between 0 and about 9 years. You can find many British labels as well as some really cool Scandinavian ones.

And there is one more very cool thing Marjorie decided to add – a special section called “Merry Go Round”, which consists of a small range of new or gently used items from where all the profits go Kid’s Company, an organisation working therapeutically with vulnerable children and young people.

Welcome on board Marjorie Jane, it’s so lovely to have you!

Ps. Sweet Marjorie wanted to treat you all a little bit so she decided to give you 15% off until the end of June. Code: BABY JUNGLE15

New Baby Essentials List Part 2 (Toys)

16 May


1. I’ve never got a chance to try this aden + anais Sleep and Feeding System  but it sounds like a perfect newborn gadget – it helps keeping track od feedings, it plays soothing white noise sounds and lullabies and has a room temperature indicator! What more do you need? You can get one from Noeuf or aden + anais home page

2. Love these hand knitted soft rattles from Dandelion made of pesticide-free bamboo rayon and stuffed with natural corn fiber filling. Available from Alex and Alexa

3. How lovely are these teething toys from NiHaMa, Etsy boutique? Love the pastel colors.

4. I’ve been eyeing DINGaRINGs for a long, long time. They just look so fuzzy and fun!

5. Another great product from Hevea also made of natural rubber free of any kind of toxins. Available from The Thinking Baby

6. We had this Baby Gym from Ikea for a long time. When Tila was done with lying on her back she loved exploring it and especially play with the hanging ornaments which are also great for hand motor skills as they can be taken down and put back on through holes

7. The perfect play mat. The cover is made from organic cotton, removable and can be easily washed. Inks used are non toxic, it looks absolutely gorgeous and seems muj fun! See and read even more here

8. I must admit I’m not loving the looks of this Lamaze toy but it’s one of the best tummy-time helping tools ever! Especially with babies that hate their tummy time. It helped our rebellion more than expected. But I’d say it’s for babies from 3 or even 4 months and up not newborns

Genius Toys: Shusa Toys!

30 Apr

Shusha Toys

This is what I call perfect toys! Made of wood, painted with non-toxic paints and besides looking incredibly cute they also help develop skills like motor, logic, imaginations and taste (take a look at this video to see what I mean!). Made at home by a parent duo with backgrounds in graphic design and architecture. Perfect, I tell you!

If you’d like to know more on how to place an order just contact them


24 Apr


How madly adorable are these Olliblocks? And you actually make them yourself. All you have to do is purchase an individual set (or all three and save a bit), print out and stick the images on plane wooden blocks! Adorable as heck!


Each set costs $5 (ca. €4) and $12 (€9) if you get all three

Heavenly Numéro 74

16 Apr

Remember when I posted on Bel & Soph last month? I just couldn’t get the muslin bed quilts out of my mind and now I finally discovered their origin! They are from a French brand called Numéro 74 and I’m warning you – their whole range is even more exquisite than you could ever imagine! I am even more in love than before.

All their products are hand made from only best materials (mostly heavenly soft muslin) and the colors are just magical! It’s almost something fairytale-like about them… Can’t really explain, you have to see for yourself.

They have everything you need in order to make the perfect baby and junior bed and also some very gorgeous, completely tacky-free character play dresses and accessories to go with plus party necessities, decorations and even a range of carefully picked vintage items from kids’ furniture to toys.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I think their prices are actually surprisingly low. And also their shipping €8.91 within EU is something I could easily live with