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Sloopi and Lili: Quut’s Newest Editions

27 Mar

Quut Lili Bath Toy

Remember the last time I posted on Quut, the most amazing beach toy brand from Belgium? After a line of multifunctional beach toys made from durable high quality plastic that doesn’t contain any BPA or latex and are also recyclable they also designed two bath toys: meet Sloopi and Lili!

Quut Sloopi Bath Toy

They look very simple but they are so much more! The first one is made of three pieces, the second one from four but both have countless numbers of use. And that is what I love the most about Quut – the exploration and imaginative play their toys encourage, unlike most beach and bath toys.


Take a look at their presentation videos to see what I’m babbling about. But be warned! Danger of catching my enthusiasm is 100%

Rescued Made-Under Fashion Dolls: Tree Change Dolls

3 Mar

Tree Change Dolls

Have you heard of Sonia Singh from Tasmania and her Tree Change Dolls yet? If not you need to since she and her mother are doing one of the most amazing things I’ve heard in a long time.

Tree Change Dolls

So, what Sonia does is rescues old fashion dolls (mostly Bratz dolls), wipes their heavy makeup off and paints them new, most darling little faces that look much more natural and child-like. Some even have freckles, and gaps between their teeth, something children can actually relate to.

She also re-conditions their hair and makes new hairstyles for them, and sometimes even makes new shoes for them. At the end she dresses them up in adorable clothes made by her mother. The transformations are pretty amazing as you can see.

Tree Change Dolls

I’d like to say we don’t own a single “fashion” doll in the house but we do have a few Barbie dolls that only have a tiny bit of makeup on (I always watch out for that) but even tiny is too much I think. But I got a huge inspiration from Sonia now and have even took off all the make up from one of Tila’s doll and the new paintbrushes are on the way. Now I only hope my hand is steady enough not to make the poor doll look like a clown; pray for me/her!

Due to the overwhelming response the dolls get grabbed in seconds, literally! Sonia makes about 20 dolls each months and posts them to her Etsy shop for sale and their prices range from about 52 to 115 EUR

Bath Time Stickers from Meadow Kids

10 Feb

Meadow Kids Bathtime Stickers Silly Faces

I almost never shower my kids instead I bathe them every day. I think it’s more convenient for me since it takes less time, I love the fact that I don’t need to use any shower gels or other bath products unless it’s “hair washing” day just a splash of coconut oil every once in a while and it’s a lot more fun than a short shower for them. Ever more so since they have this super fun Bath Time Stickers from Meadow Kids. I have also included them in my Christmas lists, remember?

Meadow Kids Bathtime Stickers Girls

Meadow Kids Bath Time Stickers Animals

These are genius! I love how cool they look, how fun they are and how good they stick to the bathroom tiles! Absolute must-have for the bath time!

I’m sorry for the blurry photo below but the light in our bathroom is catastrophic and the tiles are…well…the house belongs to an older lady if you get me. But I just wanted to show you how well they perform in action.

Meadow Kids Bath Time Stickers

Meadow Kids specializes in toys and books and they have an enormous range of bath toys from stickers, puzzles to drawing boards you can use in the bath and so much more. I love these Floating Activity Scenes. How fun must they be?

Their toys are available from Amazon (UK, COM, DE, FR) or check other retailer here

Wooden Pullback Cars!

11 Dec

Tiger Tribe Pull Back Cars

I remember when I was a kid I loved pullback cars even though I was pretty girly toys wise. Those were the best, weren’t they? Such a simple toy but I could play with it for hours!

But back then they definitely didn’t look as chic as these do! These Wooden Pullback Cars from Tiger Tribe in Australia so I think they are currently only available in Australia, at least I couldn’t find any in Europe.
But UrbanBaby, an online boutique from Australia ships to Europe

Kukkia Pullback Cars

Then there are these equally beautiful Pull Back Cars from a Japanese brand Kiko+ by Kukkia that has the most amazing wooden toys I’ve ever seen! Most of their range is available from Abacus Kids

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies!

5 Dec

Christmas List Babies

And here it is – the last but certainly not the least of our Christmas Gift Guides. It’s Babies turn now:

1. Blanket, Hat and Baby Grow Gift Set from Panda and the Sparrow
2. Wooden Rattle from Hase Weiss
3. Nuts and Bolts from RasselFisch
4. Wooden Plates from Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks and Abacus Kids
5. Stacking Bear from Etsy boutique WoodlandToy
6. Wooden Pull Dog with Xylophone from Sarah & Bendrix

Christmas Gift Guide: Boys!

4 Dec

Christmas Gift Guide Boys

Boys are up today and here are some of our favorites.

1. Book Animals illustrated by Camilla de la Bedoyere from EenyMeenyKids
2. Airplane Building Kit from ShakShuka
3. Meadow Kids Bath Stickers from Amazon
4. Fanny & Alexander Wooden Camera from ShakShuka
5. Fun Lonji Tattoos from Londji
6. Big Boys Tool Belt from Hase Weiss

Christmas Gift Guide: Girls!

3 Dec

Christmas List Girls

Here they are finally, Christmas Gift Guides! Can you believe it’s that time of the year already? Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday it was summer?
And my heart literally starts making sounds when I think about my baby boy turning 11 months in three days! And then in one month… I can’t even handle the thought.

To change the subject or more accurately, stick to the original one; here it is – the first Gift Guide and girls go first, right?

Hope you like it, I love every single item so much that I can’t even decide on my favorite one.

1. Petit Chose Doll from Carrousel Kids
2. Fanny & Alexander Needlepoint Kit from ShakShuka
3. Nobodinoz Bowling Set from Noeuf
4. Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mould Set from Amazon
5. Meadow Kids Bath Sticker Set from Amazon

DIY: Cardboard London Bus Piggy Bank

24 Oct

Cardboard Piggy Bank London Bus1

Have you seen my tiny contribution on Babyccinokids Blog already? This is one of my favorite crafts. It’s so easy to do, finished in under an hour and the outcome in super cool! You can see step-by-step photos and read the instructions here.

And do you know Babyccino’s second ShopUp live shopping event is taking place soon? It’s happening on December 3rd and 4th in Chelsea Hall Town Hall, the Kings Road in London. There are going to be over 30 amazing participants fully loaded and ready to help you to cross those things off your Christmas list. And don’t worry about the kids getting fussy – there are going to be many fun stuff for them to do there as well!

I really want to come this year, I hope I can’t make it. Are you going?

Kirikí Press Embroidery Plushie Kits

26 Sep

Kirkí Press

I have so many things on my to-do list I plan to learn as soon as Talan starts nursery. One of them is to embroidery. And I found just the perfect thing to learn with. How cool are these Embroidered Doll Kits from Kirikí Press?

Kirikí Press Starter Kit

They include a pattern hand screen-printed on unbleached cotton, embroidery floss, eco-friendly stuffing and everything else you need to finish the toy except for the hoop, needles and scissors but you can get those in the starter kit.
Patterns come in three different skill levels and finished plushies are about about 13 cm tall.

There is also a free illustrated pdf booklet of stitches, tips and tricks for beginners you can download here.

Kits are available from Kirikí’s Etsy boutique and Hoop Haberdashery, their UK retailer. You can see the rest of the list of stockists here

Cachette boutique

19 Sep

I found this absolutely amazing French online boutique called Cachette and I don’t know whether to be happy or extremely worried. A little bit of both probably. Their range for kids is amazing! It’s full of rare, mostly vintage and/or recycled toys, room accessories and other bits and bobs and I want just every single one. Tila does. Ok, we do.

I don’t even know where to start. My favorites must be this beautiful swing made from recycled wood (just what I’m looking for our living room), the super cute cross-stitch kits, this vintage coloring set that I kind of want to get for myself and these two 50% alpaca and 50% merino wool hats that are currently half off – now say no to that! But take a look at the rest of the range yourself. And the bravest ones check out also the range for the rest of the house. I dare you to leave the store empy-handed!

Their shipping charges for EU start at €6 only. I am doomed!

Indestructibles: Baby Books made with babies in mind!

11 Sep


I found out about Indestructibles a while ago before I was evenpregnant with Talan and I bought them as soon as he started using his hands. These baby books are actually made with babies in mind and can handle the chewing, the sucking, the folding, the crinkling, the wrinkling and even the washing – tried and tested them all! Unique ultra-durable tight woven material makes them indestructible. They are also free of toxins like BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead.
Each book contains 12 beautifully illustrated pages and their sizes (17×17 cm) are just perfect for the little baby hands.


Twelve different titles are available to buy from Amazon for £2.91 – £4.99 (ca. 3,5€ – 6€)

moyoh Natural Waldorf Dolls

28 Jul


Like just about any other girl Tila absolutely adores dolls and if I let her we’d buy one every time we left our house. Usually I’m strong enough to tell her she has more than enough already but when I see something as gorgeous as these moyoh dolls I fail.


These dolls are entirely made by hand in Germany, Berlin from natural materials only. They use pure cotton for the body and clothes, sheep wool for stuffing, mohair or cotton plush for their hair and merino sheep wool for their cutest little hats.

Dolls measure somewhere between 27 and 40 cm and it takes 7-14 days to have it done since each is made by order. On request it is possible to alter the color of the skin tone and hair.

Prices go from €80 up to €125, depending on the size.

Ps. Mamas with boys – do your little dudes own dolls? I know I’m starting to save up today so I can get him a boy doll like the one on the photo above!

New! Balancing bench from IKEA

18 Jul

Balancing bench ikea 1

How great is this new balancing bench from Ikea? They must have had Tila in their minds while making it. There is nothing she loves more than balancing on fallen trees, big rocks, walls or just anything possible (or impossible) in fact. So this 140 cm bench made from birch plywood is more than perfect for her. Plus it can also serve as a bench that holds about 5 kids! Tila will love it!

Balancing bench ikea 2

QUUT Beach Toys meant to last

8 Jul


A team of 12 with 24 kids between them sat down after noticing a big gap in beach toys that look good, last long and most important – guarantee a lot of fun! So what they came up is a range of smart multifunctional beach toys you immediately notice. Their main aim is to design the best beach toys possible and they promise to wow you with one new product every year.
Currently there are six toys and on their site there’s a fun video of each in use. I’m having hard time choosing my favorite but I think it must be Cuppi – what about you?

Build Forts from Sticks with Stick-lets!

10 Jun


Tila is most definitely outdoorsy type of girl so we try to spend outside as much time as humanly possible – she especially loves the playgrounds and the woods. There she needs to climb, walk on and jump off every tree log, move all the snails to a safe place, check out all the bugs, pick a bunch of flowers and kick just about every stone. We both love and encourage that adventurous side of her. We even measure the amount of fun she has by the amount of dirt that ends up on her clothes and shoes. And we always come home with a bunch of mementoes of course – mostly sticks. I have even tried to think of a craft that would involve all those sticks we have lying around the garden or a fun game but I couldn’t. And then I spotted these amazing STICK-LETS over at Rasselfisch that solved that pickle!


What a cool idea: silicone joints that hold the sticks together in order to build things like tunnels, forts, houses or different kinds of shapes! They are water resistant, reusable and stretchy in order to bind together sticks of various sizes. Isn’t this just the best idea ever?

For a better picture watch the video here

Stick-lets are only available at Rasselfisch or thru Kickstarter – they still need to pledge about $22.000 in 8 days to get this project funded