DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Hats and Crowns

October 26, 2012

And here is another Last-Minute Halloween craft. Crowns and hats made of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Hope you like them!

Toilet paper rolls
Brushes and paints
Elasticated string
Ruler, pen

1. With a pencil draw a line around the middle of the tube and shape a pointy top by cutting out deep rectangular
2. Paint the crowns and if you want to avoid getting it all over your hands you can put another roll at the bottom of the crown like on the picture above
3. After the base color dries you can draw details or even glue on glitter, sequins or sew some buttons on etc.
4. Make little holes at the bottom in order to thread the elastic though and make a knot at the end (look at the third picture below)

ps. If you decide to also paint the inside I suggest doing it this way

The hats are just as simple:
Paper towel rolls
Brushes and paints
Elasticated string
Thick paper for the brim
Craft knife
Ruler, pen

1. Cut the roll on half and paint with desired color – again, I suggest you put a toilet paper roll at the bottom
2. Cut out a circle for the brim and draw an outline of the roll at the middle.
3. Now make brim tabs: outline about 6 cross marks on the inside circle and cut them out using craft knife (see the second picture above)
3. Make holes at the bottom of the roll, thread the elastic though and knot at the ends
4. Glue in the brim – fold the tabs up, put the roll over and glue the tabs in place

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    Your daughter looks so alike mine!! Incredible….

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      Really?? Oh I need to see your daughter then – I’m sooo curious now!

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    Oh wow, these are just adorable! These look too good to be made out of tp tubes 🙂

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    Have you seen you made it on this list. Not credited though, how lame! :/

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