Sabre Cutlery: Perfect for the Little Hands!

February 28, 2012

I recently spotted Sabre spoons and forks in a mall here in Montpellier and thought it looks adorable and also great for the little hands to handle. I don’t think the thin, flat or the big and round handles are the best choice for little children – tested!
But because their cutlery is a bit pricey I decided to only take one spoon and one fork first and give them a test drive. After a month of constant use (by Tila of course) and machine washing they’ve passed the test with honours! The shape of the handle is truly perfect for the little ones – still flat but chunky enough to provide the perfect grip and also, the food stays on their forks – don’t understand the meaning of the flat points – it only helps children get frustrated!
So I soon went back for more and Tila is over the moon for having two new (“flowers” and “spots”) additions to her collection! How humble is my child? You give her a spoon and a fork and they keep her happy for days!

You can get it from Sabre’s online store for €9.90 per piece and shipping depends on destination but you can just contact them and they will let you know

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