Tube Toys by Oscar Diaz

February 22, 2012


London based designer Oscar Diaz came up with this brilliant toy idea where the packaging is also a part of the product which first takes away the unnecessary waste (Planet is going to be grateful) and secondly reduces added cost which traditional packaging comes with (your wallet is going to be grateful). So the toy is composed of the cardboard tube (which is initially the packaging but later becomes the body of a vehicle) that has pre-cut holes and slots to place the wheels and other parts that come with. Toys are suitable for children from 2 years up and make a perfect gift for boys if I might add!

You can pre-order Tube Toys from e-side for £10.50 (about €12) plus shipping to UK £3.50 and app. €5 for other EU countries and will be available at the beginning of March

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